Change of Plans

It seems as if we have had an explosion of sewing dates! Maybe too much in the same week? What a wonderful problem to have! But then, maybe it stretches our resources too thin, so why not reschedule our opportunities and fill the month with sewing gatherings. The Delaware Sewing Bee will moved to the 4th Tuesday of the month. 9:30-3:00. Future dates are: August 24th, September 28th, October 26th, Nov 23rd, and Dec 28th.

Hopefully you can join us to work on your personal sewing projects.

Retreat Shenanigans!

Friday night was time for Fabric Feud!!!! Our intrepid host Jacques Ze Ripper (aka Tameria O-Dell) led the rousing event where two teams competed to see who could score the most points answering some quilting related questions. 

The teams were The Bobbin Winders and the Show Girls, shown below. I don’t know what you think, but those Show Girls were kind of sketchy. Seems every club they danced at is now closed or in trouble! But don’t think the Bobbin Winders were any better. They read more

September Presidents Letter

President’s Letter

Hello Dear Quilters!

Yes, for September we are returning to an outdoor meeting.  Sigh…During this time of restrictions I have often thought back to what a friend in college said when she was on a diet. When she got the urge to eat something junky, she’d say to herself, “I’ve had cookies before and I’ll have them again-I just can’t have them right now.” So keep in mind, there will be many, many more cookies in the read more

Our Condolences

The Mudsock Quilters Guild would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to  Carolyn Towner on the passing of her husband, Richard Derrell Towner, on September 1st, 2021. We know that Carolyn is supported by family that lives in the area and her small group of Mudsock friends, The L’s. Best wishes to Carolyn as she finds comfort in her family and friends at this time. 

Dick’s obituary is available for reading at the Flanner Buchanan site

If you would like to reach out to Carolyn, read more

Community Charity Sew Bee

Just what is Sally doing? Who knows, she is always up to something! For the most part she was layering quilts to prep them for quilting, but usually there’s a little cutting up going on when she’s around. Here she is using her magic touch to spread out the top layer of her shoe quilt so she can pin baste it. She was a lucky winner of shoes at the last meeting. She added some purses and blank blocks to finish her top. Adorable! 

8 Mudsock Quilters came read more

Quilt the Vote!

Wait, that’s not quite right, but hey, we’re going with it! It will be that time soon. Time to vote for new officers tasked with the job of leading the guild through 2022! To help you with this task I would like to introduce you to the slate of quilters who have were voluntold, I mean, volunteered, to fill the vacancies.

Stepping forward for the position of President is Becky Moore> Could we imagine a more fun and lively person for President than our own Becky? I don’t read more

Long Arm Quilters for Charity Quilts

If you need someone to quilt your charity tops please reach out to the the following Mudsock members. Each quilter has their own method and requests, so touch base with them on what to include and how to prep your projects for quilting. You can find contact info for these quilters on the Current Members page. If you would like to offer your services to this cause contact Chris Behme for inclusion on this list.

  1. Chris Behme
  2. Carlene Clark
  3. Carol Dean
  4. Diane Dimpfl
  5. Sandy Metzger
  6. Vickie Smith
  7. Kathy Staples

Community North Quilting Bee Policies & Procedures

Mission Statement:
Throw size quilts will be made and donated for distribution to adult patients in Community North Hospital on Christmas.


Donated fabrics for quilt tops and backs are for sewing quilts for adult patients at Community North Hospital.

Any children’s fabrics donated will be handled by the Bee Administrator to be given to Mudsock charity projects for children. Any donated fabric not suitable for quilting will be handled by the Bee Administrator read more

You Shop, Amazon Gives

Are you an amazon online shopper? If you haven’t already selected a charity to support with your purchases, please consider making Mudsock Quilters Guild your charity of choice. Follow the link below to choose MQG.

Click here to tell amazon to give a percentage of your purchase to Mudsock

After you’re redirected to amazon, you’ll get a pop-up box that asks you if you want to choose Mudsock. Click on the yellow “yes” button. Thanks!

Thanks, Delaware Township!

Every month Delaware Township Government Center graciously hosts our Guild meetings at no charge. Please show your gratitude by bringing food pantry contributions, or make a small suggested $ 1.00 donation from your piggy bank.

Thanks so much!