Quilting 101

Quilting 101

If you are new to quilting or want to improve your skills, join this new free class available to Mudsock members. The classes will be taught by Diane Dimpfl combined with guest speakers. Diane has been a Mudsock member since 2013 and has served as the Administrator of the Community Quilting Bee for the past five years where she has taught and assisted many of our Mudsock members with all aspects of their quilts. 

Class outline will include: selection of fabrics, cutting and tools, sewing a ¼ inch seam/scant seam, proper pressing, assembling, batting, sandwiching, simple quilting techniques, squaring and binding.

This class will be held Tuesdays beginning June 7th 9:30 to 1:00 until July 5th at the Community Health Pavilion, 9669 146th Street, Noblesville – Community Room suite 160. There will be instructions and actual production of a quilt in class. If you miss a class, there will be a brief review at the next week.

Please contact Diane Dimpfl, her contact info is under Current Member, to register and obtain material list.

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