May President’s Letter

Hello dear quilters!

You may recall that “Anything Goes” is our theme this year. When I thought of it, I imagined each of us doing something unique or freeing as a counterpoint to the restrictions of 2020. I envisioned learning a new technique, using a different color palate or trying an unusual tool.  As I reflect on it a few months later, I view “Anything Goes” in another light.  I see it as looking at the art of quilting with a broader perspective.  

I recently came across a photo that I had taken at a quilt show called “Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie Center for Art & History” in New Albany, Indiana. At the time, I had begun to enjoy and appreciate art quilts and modern quilting.  However, a piece by fiber artist, Susan Else, irked me. It was described as sculpture “with collaged and quilted cloth over commercial plastic skeletons.”  I found it clever and intriguing but I just couldn’t accept that it was in this quilt show.  I mean, look at it.  It certainly wasn’t a quilt and I wasn’t sure I even considered it “quilt” art. I didn’t want it in that show. But, why?

I suppose it was for the same reason that I used to think that Steam-a-Seam was only for craft projects; or using an AccuQuilt cutter would be cheating; or paying a long-armer would thereafter obligate me to admit sheepishly, “But, I didn’t quilt it.” As with any subject, the more you learn about it the more you can appreciate and understand it. I’ve learned so much from Mudsock Guild members and the featured speakers at our meetings. I can now say that my seams are steamy, my pieces are accu-cut and I have happily written a check to a long-armer.  So, keep sharing your ideas and discoveries, everyone!  It broadens the perspectives of those of us who still fear the quilt police. “Anything Goes” has been part of my creative journey.  Has it been part of yours?

Ann Ricciardelli

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