May President’s Letter

So, while putting my stash back together last week, and sharing my mess on the MQG facebook page, I fully accepted  that I have 2 favorite hobbies.  The first, making quilts for friends and family in times of celebration and for comfort.  I love looking through the patterns I have on hand, or online on Pinterest or a variety of websites.  I truly enjoy pulling the fabric from my stash, mixing and matching, adding something unexpected and pulling out the “WOW, that really looks bad” pieces.  The cutting, the sewing and seeing it all come together in my own version of the pattern.  Sometimes it’s just as good as the pattern, sometimes, it misses the mark by a bit…and on the rare occasion, I surprise myself by really creating something, well, not exceptional, but pretty darn good!!

The second hobby I have is wandering around a quilt shop, looking at what’s new, what catches my eye.  I will always be drawn to a pretty fabric that must really, really come home with me.  Sometimes I have a set project in mind, but often it will sit with its new friends on the shelf until the right idea comes along.  For several years, I’ve used many of these “pretties” for charity quilts and gifts, and of course something else catches my eye to fill the shelf.

I’m not sure where this is going, except to say, it’s ok to have these 2 connected hobbies.  I don’t think I could ever be the quilter who purchases just for one project, makes it, then starts again on another. If you are that quilter, that’s great, you have more will power that I could ever imagine.  Our workshops last month with Weeks were so inspiring!  Looking at fabric value, saturation of color will be so helpful as we pull our choices for a project.  I enjoyed her exercise of looking at the paintings and studying all the colors involved, even just a small dab of a red or yellow, can make an astonishing difference.  That makes me want to go on a field trip to the museum here, and study more paintings from that aspect.

We have so many more opportunities to stretch our quilting skills.  I’m sure the challenge quilt project was a true challenge for many of you.  It was for me.  I hope whoever you are you like what I made and you aren’t too befuddled when we’re standing up front!  In June, Cathy Geier will teach us about landscape quilting, another way to look at color, and how to use it in the best way for wanted results.

July, we’re going to really STRETCH with our Yoga instructor as we work on the aches and pains that come with this craft, hunched over our machines and cutting tables creating our great works.  We suffer for our craft more than we should!   July is also the time, when I need to choose a nominating committee to select our board for 2020.  If you’d like to be a part of that, please email me.

August, our bus trip to Grand Rapids!!  I’m so looking forward to going to a National quilt show, for inspiration, and let’s be honest, to see what the vendors are displaying for my weaknesses!  If you haven’t signed up for the bus trip yet, please do so soon, so Becky and Lois can finalize the plans.

Our August meeting will be when we present our slate of officers, and we will vote at the September meeting.

I hope you’re finding your spot in the guild. Committees and small groups are the best ways to connect with others.  Be sure to take advantage of the Meet & Greet if you’ve not yet attended one. May 17 is the next one, information is on the website.  It’s not too late to join a committee, and also think about chairing one for next year, if you feel that’s your next step to help.

Enjoy the warmer weather that we are finally getting here in Indy.  Step out of your sewing room, take a little walk, even just around the yard, or visit a neighbor.  I’m heading out the door right now, myself. See you at the May meeting, it should be quite a lot of fun and laughs as the challenges are revealed.

All the best to each of you

Happy Quilting


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