July President’s Letter

Hello dear quilters!

2021 has been a year of quilting firsts for me-being president of a quilt guild, experimenting with quilt collage, joining a quilt-a-long, taking a Zoom quilting class, going to a quilt retreat (soon) and currently designing a challenge quilt.  
At the June meeting, Lydia Lander challenged us to make a quilt inspired by our guild’s tenth anniversary in September.  It’s all about the number ten; other than that, it’s anything goes! You can find the details on our website. If this is your first challenge quilt too, you might benefit from a little peek into my personal diary. You’ll see how I’m attacking the creative process.

Dear Diary,
I’m working on a challenge quilt for the Mudsock Guild.  I must admit I’m not usually fond of challenges because, you know, they’re hard and I’d rather just nap on the porch.  But Lydia’ s hilarious story at the June meeting caught my attention and I am really excited about it now. Bring on the challenge! I hope my quilt will be as cute and fun as the one Lydia made, but gosh, I hope I don’t have to buy six and a half yards of fabric for it. 
I need to think of something that will inspire me based on the number ten…I know, maybe there’s a song with the number ten in it!  I guess I’ll just run through songs with numbers until I come up with a good one.  Let’s see… One is the Loneliest Number? 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover? 19th Nervous Breakdown?…Oh dear, that took an ugly turn.  All that angst and no titles with the number ten in them.

Perhaps literature will be my muse. I’m a retired librarian so this should be a cinch for me. Let me think.  Books with numbers in them-1984? Three Billy Goats Gruff? Fifty Shades of Gray? Oh dear, no, no, no, those won’t work!  Wait, I’ve got it! The Three Musketeers! That’s a classic! But I’ve never read it. People will expect me to have read it because I’m a librarian. I can’t make a quilt inspired by a book I’ve never read!  Maybe I can read a synopsis on-line and pretend I read it and everyone will think I’m really brainy. That’ll work… Rats, The Three Musketeers doesn’t have the number ten in it either! 

What am I gonna do? I feel like I’m playing Jeopardy and I’m losing badly. “Ladies and gentlemen, the category is ‘Things Associated with the Number Ten.’ Don’t forget to state your answer in the form of a question.” I hope I don’t get trigger-happy with the buzzer.  Here we go…What is the base unit in the metric system? What is the number of pennies in a dime? What is the US currency depicting Alexander Hamilton? What is the number of legs on a crab? Noooooo! I can’t make a quilt celebrating our beloved guild’s anniversary based on crab legs.  It’s not dignified…but I sure could go for a nice surf n’ turf about now. Yum!
Quotations…That’s the ticket!  I’ll make a quilt based on a quotation about the number ten. I know just the right one, too! “Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” So, dear diary, I’m off to hit the treadmill! Bye.

I can’t wait to see and hear about your creative challenge in September.  Have fun, don’t sweat it.
Ann Ricciardelli

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