July President’s Letter

So, today is the first REALLY HOT day of summer that we’ve experienced this year.  Like the old song goes…”roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer….”  As I remembered that song, a little part of me thought, just skip the letter for July, take the month off, recline in the hammock, drink a cool drink and tell them to reread the last 6 months of my letters!!  Well, I remembered that I don’t own a hammock, and wouldn’t be able to get out of it if I did…and I’ll wait to have that refreshing drink til after 5 (ok, maybe 4)

There’s just something about the month of July that brings back fond memories of lazy summers as a child, family vacations, roller coaster rides, bike rides, and not having a care in the world!  Take some time this month to recapture those feelings, those good ol’ summertime memories—whatever yours may be.

As far as the Guild goes, we’re taking some time to care for ourselves at the July meeting.  Janie Gunn from Source Yoga Studio will help us stretch, and practice some simple yoga movements to ease the aches and pains we all encounter as we spend a day sewing or bent over a cutting table.  Wear comfortable clothing and we’ll all feel better after her presentation.  We will also have our usual Show & Tell, so bring us your projects and I promise we will oooooh and ahhhhh over your work!

Remember to get your photo taken during the break for the website.  Meet Diane Lockman in the front corner if you still need a photo, or would like a new one.

Check out the website and Facebook pages for all of our upcoming events.  On the Facebook page, at the top under our cover photo, there are choices to click on.  EVENTS will connect you to everything we have coming up on the calendar.  While you are on the Facebook page, post what you’re working on, like someone’s post and add a nice comment to a friend’s post.  The activity on the page has increased over the last year, and it’s so inspiring and fun.

Friday, August 16, will be our next MEET & GREET.  If you’ve joined the Guild any time in the last year and haven’t been able to attend one, please try to go to the next one.  It’s a wonderful way to meet other new members and chat with the seasoned members to find out more about Mudsock.

We are thinking ahead to 2020.  The calendar is filling up with exciting programs.  Diane Lockman is working on a retreat, and a new board will lead us along the way.  I have a nomination committee set up to select a board to present at the August meeting and then voting will be at the September meeting.  Erika Nickens, Carlene Clark and Lois LeVine have agreed to be our committee.  If you’d like to nominate yourself, or a friend for any of the elected offices, please contact them via their email, located in the members only section of the website.   Offices open are President, Vice President, and Secretary.  Treasurer is a 2 year job, and not opening this year.

I hope that you are finding a spot in the Guild.  Whether you’ve sewn at the Community bee for the Christmas donations, at the UFO bee, the hand group—now cleverly named the SEW BEE IT GROUP, or with the Little Dresses for Africa group, there are many opportunities to get involved.  We will have more speakers and workshops coming up in the next few months, check out the PROGRAMS table at the meeting.  If you’d like to find out more about a committee, please ask me and I’ll be happy to connect you with the Chairperson.

Remember our donations for Cornerstone church at each meeting.  We accept $1 donations to give to their general fund and also non-perishable food items for the pantry. It’s our easy way to thank them for their generosity as we meet  each month.

Enjoy the summer, it’s a wonderful time of year (to stay inside and sew!!)

I think it’s time for that refreshing drink….would you like to join me?

See you at the meeting on July 8!


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