Easy Half Square Triangles

Learn how to make quick pieced half square triangle units, sometimes called triangle squares or referred to simply as HSTs. Half square triangle units are possibly the most commonly used patchwork component, one you’ll encounter

What Is a Half Square Triangle Unit?

Half square triangle units are squares made up of two 90 degree triangles. Each triangle occupies half of the square’s space.

You can sew two triangles together to create a unit, but it’s easier, and usually more accurate, toMORE

“Meet Me in the Middle” Quilt

Kate Colleran Does it Again!

You’ll be excited and engaged as you piece each round of this stunning quilt. Meet Me in the Middle features New York Beauty blocks like you’ve never seen before, nestled within rounds of basic block units. Our kit showcases the gorgeous Madison Park collection from Lily & Loom. Kit includes all of the fabrics you’ll need to complete your quilt top and binding.

From the Presidents Desk

Happy New Year to all! We are off to a new year of quilting! Hopefully we will have lots of fun projects, activities and new things to learn throughout 2018.

Just think of all the patterns, fabrics, and gadgets you have already. Choose one (or more) and get started. Even if you can only find an hour each week, just think of what you can accomplish over the next few months.

I received a package from my brother for Christmas with 20 different 1-yard pieces of batik fabric. It is all so beautiful and I just have to decide what project I want to start with them. I have several projects in mind, but I need to finish up a few others first. What a dilemma!!!

I had the privilege to hand out quilts to patients at Community North Hospital on Christmas morning. It was so rewarding to give the beautiful quilts that were made by our guild members to people who were spending their Christmas in the hospital instead of at home with friends or family. There were smiles and tears and many words of appreciation. Thanks to all who donated their time and talents to make this possible.

Well, let’s get 2018 rolling! Another year to quilt! If I use enough fabric, maybe my fabric stash will get smaller. (Ha Ha!) See you at the next meeting!

Sandy Metzger

Missouri Star Quilt – Bus Trip

Mudsock Quilt Guild with Jenny Doan

Well it is official we did out first bus trip.  We had so much fun.  There were 45 women on our trip, from our guild and  from Michigan, Colorado, Arizona,  and Richmond, Frankton, Lapel, Noblesville, Anderson, In., as well as ladies from Common Threads Guild in McCordsville, In.

We stopped in Hannibal, Mo and spent 2 hours for lunch and shopping at a lovely quilt store “Hickorystick Quilts and Gifts”.

Next big stop was in Hamilton, Mo.  at Missouri Star Quilt Stores,  what a thrill to see so many stores with beautiful fabric all within walking distance.  In the evening we had a catered dinner and trunk show with Jenny Doan, followed with pictures and meet and greet. Now we are all home and loving on our fabrics we bought, can’t wait for show and tell.

We met some of the nicest people on this trip while traveling with our sisters in quilting.  Thanks to all who participated and made it such a success.

Becky and Lois


June Block of Month “Truffles”

The BOM, provided by Nancy Frye is called Truffles. There is a focus fabric (see photo), but if you didn’t get a piece of fabric then just do your best to coordinate with the fabric provided. Use the focus fabric for either the hour glass or the half square triangle. Even if you have the focus fabric your block will look a bit different since we only had enough fabric for A or B, not both. Remember, we are making a 12 inch block and you are welcome to make up to five different blocks so that you have five opportunities to win the blocks for June. Have fun!

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243 Keepsakes Donated To Riley Children’s Hospital

On Friday, February 17th we donated an astounding 243 keepsake items to Riley Children’s Hospital Cheer Guild!  The breakdown of the donations are as follows:  118 quilts and crocheted/knitted  blankets; 51 pillowcases; 54 knitted hats; 9 pairs of booties; 8 scarves; one apron set for a girl and her doll: and 2 child activity books.

Each month I am overwhelmed with the donations and support you ladies continue to give this charity which is now in its 5th year.  The quilts and other donations we’ve given will be considered “keepsake items” and will be presented with discernment to families in need.  From my experience, those items are among the most precious that a family going through tragedy will receive.

The Mudsock Quilters Guild continues to set the bar high and reach it.  Take a look at these numbers:

  • February 2013 (first year for the charity): 21 quilts donated.
  • February 2014: 43 items donated.
  • February 2015: 102 items donated.
  • February 2016: 149 items donated.
  • February 2017: 243 items donated.

The talent this quilt guild has is unmatched.  As I was washing everything, I loved pulling out quilt after quilt, pillowcase after pillowcase, to see the bright cheerful fabrics and to imagine the smiles and joy on the faces of the children when they receive such treasures.  Megan Ali, the child life specialist for the Riley pediatric urology unit, will be thrilled to see those pillowcases.  From frogs to soccer balls to Colts to butterflies – they are sure to put a frightened child at ease in the operating room.  And the quilts – absolutely beautiful with a perfect balance between boy and girl quilts.

Again, thank you for all your contributions and support.  Listed below, as a reminder, are the special requirements for the quilts and blankets.  If you’d like to give in other ways than making a quilt, I will include those ways below as well.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Requirements of the quilts/blankets:

Size: suggested sizes are 45X60 or 72X80 (I realize these are large), but smaller will be accepted and appreciated.
Yarn: for knitted/crocheted blankets, yarn must be new
Other: NO TACKING!  There is to be no hand sewing whatsoever as this can get caught on IV tubing and other equipment.  100% cotton batting and 100% cotton fabrics are required.  Minky, fleece, flannel are all acceptable and encouraged – the kiddos love the soft feel and warmth of these fabrics.

The “hot dog pillowcase” is addictive to make!  It also hides all fabric raw edges which means no unraveled fabrics to catch little fingers.

Use fun, bright, festive fabrics for the kids to rest their weary heads on.

Other ways to donate without making a quilt:

Shout Color Catchers: I wash all of the quilts in fragrance-free detergent before bringing them to Riley each year.  I go through boxes of color catchers and can always use donations of these.  A big thank you goes out to the person who donated the box this year!
Cotton batting: Most of us use our stash to make the quilts we donate but batting can be pricey. Any batting donations would be greatly appreciated. Must be 100% cotton.
Continued support: Encouragement, prayers and good wishes sustain us all!

12 Quilting Tips from Karen Burkett

These tips and tricks are from Karen Burkett, who passed away recently. She was such a  talented artist and we will really miss her.

1 – When you are having trouble threading a needle turn it over and thread from the other side. The whole is punched in the needle and it is easier to thread from one side than it is from the other.

2 – To help the thread not twist while sewing, put the knot in the end that is cut from the spool. This is the direction the thread is meant to come off the spool.

3 – When hand sewing, a good length of thread to use is 18 inches that is approximately the link from your fingertip to your elbow.

4 – If you prick your finger, your own saliva will remove your own blood from fabric.

5 – When doing applique’ use silk thread or bobbin weight thread. Your stitches will dissolve right into the fabric and will not be seen.

6 – To clean your iron, turn it to a warm setting and run it over a new dyer sheet.

7 – Freezer paper makes a good stabilizer.

8 – A pipe cleaner is good to use to clean the bobbin are of your sewing machine. The lint sticks right to it.

9 – Use painter tape on your fabrics and your patterns. It will not leave a sticky residue.

10 – When transferring photos to fabric increase the resolution by 20%.

11 – Wool batting does not crease as bad as cotton batting when the quilt has been folded for a while.

12 – To make a quilters knot, hold the end of the thread against the needle and wrap the thread four times around the tip of the needle. Now while holding the wrapped thread snug against the needle now pull the needle through.

Quilt Block Tags

(c) Nova @ A Cuppa and a Catch Up

Do you have a system when you lay out a quilt, shuffling blocks before deciding on the final cut? If you don’t have one that works for you, this tip could come in handy. Let me introduce you to my Quilt Block Tags.

Learn more about these helpful little labels from Nova at A Cuppa and a Catch Up.

Originally shared by Pat Adams on June 29, 2016

Mudsock Annual Tag Sale

Each month members donate fabric, sewing supplies, patterns, yarn and miscellaneous sewing and quilting tools. At the regular monthly meeting members are given the opportunity to buy these items at a greatly reduced price. The items that are not purchased go into storage. Members are asked to price their items with suggested prices of $4.00 per yard of fabric, $1.00 for fat quarters and other items at 25% of the original price.

All the items in storage are displayed on tables and arranged by price in a fun-filled shopping event open to the public.

The 2017 Tag Sale was again a great success.  This is our biggest fund raiser and helps tremendously to support our guild educational presentations.

Community North Quilting Bee

Quilts will be distributed to patients in Community North Hospital on Christmas day.

Donated fabrics are used for table tops and funds are available from the Women’s Auxiliary at the hospital for batting and backs. Just turn in your completed quilt with your receipts with your name on both.

Community North Quilting Bee, meets on the third Monday each month 9:30 – 3:00,  new location and week for meeting, Community Room at Community Health Pavilion, 9699 E. 146th St., Noblesville.

Contact: Diane Peterson (317) 550-9080

Community North Hospital Charity Quilts

The quilts are  distributed to patients who remain in the hospital over Christmas.  The quilt pattern is Bricks Quilt and instructions are following.  We have added pictures of these quilts for your reference.

Bricks Quilt

You are going to need 20 blocks to complete a 4 x 5 block quilt pattern. You can use like fabrics or make it completely scrappy. Select 5 fabric strips 2 1/2″ the width of fabric (light and dark values). Sew each together in a scant 1/4″ seam. Your rows sewn together should measure 10 1/2″ x 42/44″. If not 10 1/2″ high either adjust your seam width or adjust the next cutting step. Next cut this 5 strip x 42/44″ strip into sections of 10 1/2″ (or whatever your height is “10 1/4″ = just so it is square). You now have 4 blocks. You are going to need 20 blocks to complete a 4 x 5 quilt pattern. Just twist the completed block alternating direction and arrange in a pleasing manner. Optional 4 1/2” border and binding looks nice.