Indiana Quilters Trail 2022 Shop Hop

Well, March may come in like a lion, but it’s going out with a bang for sure! Some area shops have taken it upon themselves to give us a great last weekend in March. Check out the flyer for all the details. Be ready to hop in the car Char, jump on the Bus Gus, find a new Ride Clyde, and get yourself on the Trail Gail! From Noblesville, to Lebanon, all the way down to Greenwood and points in read more

Have you heard the news!!

If you weren’t able to make it out to the January Meeting, you might want to catch up on some tidbits of news! There’s lots of fun things coming our way over the next few months and we wanted to give you an overview. Of course, you can always find all the info about events on the Calendar here or in Events on our FaceBook group page, so you know the fine details. 

Coming up in February, be sure to leave a Valentine for your loved one before you head out to the guild meeting, February read more

January Tip of the Month

Or Speaker in May, Toby Lischko, has a wonderful video on what to do with all those half-square triangles we create! She gives you tips on how to square them up and how to use them in a project. Check out her video on the National Quilters Circle website. 

Half-square Triangles are so versatile, you can make any type of design or shape using them. And when you use a high contrast of light to dark in your fabric placement, the design really pops! What’s you favorite design that uses read more

January Meeting Moments

January’s meeting is generally our business meeting. It’s where we allow the committee chairs to make a pitch for volunteers and explain what their committees do. And since committee chairs might have changed with the passing of the previous year, the Guild members also get an introduction to the new chairs. To become familiar with our new committee chairs check out the list here

The big news of the morning was the return to workshops with the monthly guest speakers, check the read more

QAL Opportunities

It seems there is always a Quilt Along opportunity going on in the quilting world. Have you joined any recently? Here’s a few for you to consider that are happening in the month of January!

SAHRR 2022 This is a Stay At Home Round Robin where the quilter adds their own rounds to their starting center block. The rounds are prompts from 6 quilting bloggers, of which yours truly is one. Each week the read more

January President’s Letter



Anything is Possible…

Welcome to a new year in quilting. I am excited to be leading you on this journey of friendship, knowledge and fun. I will try not to lead you too far astray but we will have FUN.

I want to first say thank you to all of you who worked so hard last year to make it a successful year and to all of us who stayed the course and participated in any of the activities. We had a great year.

Now I want to invite everyone to please join read more

Community North Shopping Bee

Below is a schedule of dates and time that our storage room will be open during the 2022 year.

We are keeping it the same day as before which is the Second Tuesday of the Month and the day following our quilt guild  monthly meeting.  By shopping on this Tuesday you will be ready to sew on your charity quilts at our Charity Bee Sewing Day which is always the following Monday.  Currently those days are still scheduled at Delaware Township.

The Storage Room is located at 9669 East 146th read more

2021 Annual Mudsock Quilters Guild Quilt Show

The day may have dawned gloomy, but the wealth of quilts inside Cornerstone Lutheran Church could warm up those who visited. All of the community quilts made over the past year were draped over every chair, and a wall, to showcase the wonderful talents of our quilters.

Over 170 visitors dropped in on Saturday, November 13th, to view the quilts created for Community Hospital. During the year our Mudsock Quilters work on tops for our Christmas Day dispersal. We sew read more

June 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Mudsock Quilters Guild

Board Meeting Notes

June 11th, 2021

This meeting was held at the Delaware Township office rooms at 1:30pm.
16 members were in attendance: Melissa Schulman, Ann Ricciardelli, April Sterling, Laura Anderson, Amy Klodzen,  Lissa Shanahan, Diane Dimpfl, Sally Sandilands, Linda Garzynski, Susan Juffer, Chris Behme, Julie Putman, Lois Levine, Lydia Lander, Wanda Feder,  read more

Community North Quilting Bee Policies & Procedures

Community North Quilting Bee

Mission Statement:  

Throw size quilts will be made and donated for distribution to adult patients in Community North and Heart Hospitals on Christmas. 


  1. Donated fabrics for quilt tops and backs are for sewing quilts for adult patients at Community North and Heart Hospitals.
  2. Any children’s fabrics donated will be handled by the Store Room Manager to be given to Mudsock charity projects for children. Any donated fabric not suitable for quilting will be handled by the Store Room Manager to be given to the Mudsock Steals & Deals or other charities.
  3. Every effort should be encouraged with training for members to complete their quilt themselves.  Donors of quilt tops can contact volunteer long arm quilters to quilt their quilt top.  Donor of quilt top should have the quilt top pressed and threads trimmed, quilt back pieced (if necessary) and pressed. Both should be submitted for quilting on hangers. Long-arm quilters will provide the batting and will be reimbursed for cost by Hospital Auxiliary or Mudsock Quilters Guild or you may obtain batting in the storeroom. 
  4. Community North Quilting Bee operates under Mudsock Quilters Guild, Fishers; a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization. 
  5. Monthly Bee meetings will be held at Community Network Health Pavilion, 9669 E. 146th Street, Noblesville,  Suite 160 the 3rd Monday of the month 9:30 to 3:00, provided at no charge or a substitute location (see Web Site). Bee members/guests will sew quilts for the sole purpose of the Mission Statement. Community will also provide storage area when available for donated fabrics and sewing aides.
  6. Quilts will be sewn at monthly meetings and at members’ homes. All donated fabrics not used must be returned to the Store Room Manager at the monthly meeting for storage.


  1. All quilts are to be made from cotton quilt material, cotton batting and cotton backing materials (exception to cotton batting can be 80% cotton and 20% polyester). Bindings must be machine sewn (no hand sewing).
  2. Members are encouraged to shop in the store room for fabric, backs and batting.
  3. Quilt should include a label reading: 

Happy Holidays – Mudsock Quilters Guild – Your name (if you desire) – Fishers, IN – December (year) Here’s a great print out to use for the label.

  1. Receipts should be saved for batting and backing materials with items circled that were purchased excluding tax.  Receipts should be turned in to Bee Administrator with completed quilt. Current reimbursement is up to $50 per quilt. If a label is not provided, a piece of paper with donor’s name should be secured to the quilt.
  2. Bee Administrator will record quilt in Excel spreadsheet with donor name and whether it is intended for a man, woman or either. Quilt may be photographed for future posting on Facebook page and any programs throughout the year. 
  3. Bee Administrator will photocopy all receipts, record on cover letter itemizing receipts and totals per person and mail original receipts, cover letter and address list to Head of Volunteers at Community North Hospital for reimbursement by the Hospital Auxiliary who will mail the check to the donor or to Mudsock Treasurer for reimbursement if funds are not available from the Auxiliary. File copies will be retained by Bee Administrator.
  4. Quilts may be shown at Mudsock regular monthly meeting or the Bee monthly meeting, but all quilts should be brought to the storage room at 9669 146th Street, Noblesville, recorded on sign-in sheet and designated for Man, Woman or Either, folded and packaged in clear bag provided and labeled with appropriate designation. Quilts will then be placed in appropriate storage bin by designation. Quilts may also be turned in when the Store Room is open for shopping (see web site for schedule.
  5. A yearly quilt show may be conducted to the public of all completed quilts. Suggested admission donation of $5 will be collected and given to Mudsock Treasurer. Proceeds will be reported in a separate line item to designate revenue.

These Regulations and Guidelines will be reviewed and updated annually. All Bee members will receive a copy of read more

You Shop, Amazon Gives

Are you an amazon online shopper? If you haven’t already selected a charity to support with your purchases, please consider making Mudsock Quilters Guild your charity of choice. Follow the link below to choose MQG.

Click here to tell amazon to give a percentage of your purchase to Mudsock

After you’re redirected to amazon, you’ll get a pop-up box that asks you if you want to choose Mudsock. Click on the yellow “yes” button. Thanks!