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Tip Of The Month!

January’s Tip Of The Month is starting at the beginning, Starting a quilt project.

Whether you start with a pattern or a fabric pull, here’s a tip to make sure your project is successful. Your pattern will have a materials list which gives yardage needed for your project. Let your camera photo app help you decide if that new store-bought or stash-shopped fabric is going to work with your pattern.

Arrange your fabric in a dark to light progression, as close as your eye can detect read more

Planning Projects for 2021

Image by Maria Krasnova


The New Year is very close! It’s knocking at our door and will soon burst in on us, whether we are prepared or not! Have you thought about your 2021 goals yet? Have you planned out your next projects? Or maybe you are just hoping to finish all those UFOs lingering from 2020? Whatever your sewing future looks like, here are some ways to help you accomplish those goals. 

Hello Melly has some free printable project read more