Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know how to quilt?
One of our members offers a Quilting 101, which would be great for new quilters and those that have a little experience.

If am a new quilter is that OK?
We have quilters of all levels and all are welcome.

May I join if I am a snow bird?
The annual dues are the same regardless of how many meetings you can attend.

Can I belong to more than one quild?
Certainly, many of our members do.

What is required of members?
Be current on your annual dues. How often you attend guild meetings is up to you, but we hope to see you often.

What do you do at guild meetings?
Social time before and after the meetings. We always have show and tell, committee reports, monthly guest speakers, demonstrations, update on current events and charity quilts, block of the month. Opportunity to go out for lunch after the meeting.

Do I have to bring a show and tell?
No this is a personal choice, we love to see what others are doing, but it is not required.

Are visitors welcome?
Absolutely, we love having visitors. We encourage our members to bring a guest.

How many meetings can I attend as a guest before I join?
2 meetings and then you probably have decided.

Can anyone participate in charity quilts?
We are always happy to have our members participate.

Can I suggest a new charity group for the guild to consider?
Yes you can.

Can I join any of the quilting groups?
We encourage everyone to be involved. Speak to someone at the meeting about getting involved, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know others.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we offer pay pal.

How soon after joining will I receive my membership card?
You will receive you member card at the next guild meeting.

How can I join a committee?
Please ask a board member at any guild meeting and they will be happy to direct you to the right person. Joining a committee is a great way to get to know others.