Author: Diane

Hi! I've been sewing garments since I was 13 years old when I made a cute little red sundress in HomeEc class. Recently, I became an empty-nester and decided I wanted to have more fun! That's when I started quilting, and now I'm hooked!

One Little Wish

“T’was the month before meeting, and all through my head,

 the ideas were stirring,

 I had feelings of dread! 

 This is my last meeting as the ‘Sock President,

I know there’ll be tears, I know my time’s spent.

There’s a big party planned for all of the gals

There’ll be music and food with all of my pals!

I need to stay cool, remain as calm as can be,

But deep down inside I’ll be sad, so sad -you will see.

For this job’s been a joy, a jolly good time,

The best volunteer read more

Christmas Party Details

The December meeting and Christmas Party is just around the corner!

What to Bring

The Guild will be providing chicken salad.  Please bring a dish to share based on the first letter of your last name:

  • A – G (appetizers/salads)
  • H – N (side dishes/casseroles)
  • O – Z (desserts)

Crock-pots will not be plugged in. So if you are bringing something that needs to be hot – please bring it hot.

When to Arrive

Please plan on arriving between 9:30 and 9:45; bring your dish to the doors to the classroom hallway.  Hospitality will meet you there and will take your dish. If you have some read more

November Minutes

The meeting was held on November 1, 2019 at 1:30 pm at the Noblesville Library.

Attending:  Laura Anderson, Carlene Clark, Wanda Feder, Judy Ireland, Diane Lockman, Sandy Metzger, Donna Reimer, Lissa Shanahan, April Sterling, and Alice Whitaker.

The meeting was called to order by Alice Whitaker.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.  

Treasurer’s report:  the reimbursement form has been changed to include the specific reason for the reimbursement, so it’s read more

President’s Letter

November 2019

I’m just going to jump right in with the obvious cliché of writing about what I am thankful for this November.  (And, predictably, will include my usual sappy-ness, you’ve been warned).

I am thankful for YOU, the members of the Mudsock Quilters Guild.  You amaze me with your kindness, creativity and enthusiasm every single time we meet.  You’re welcoming to guests and new members, sharing information about the guild.  You have concern over members who are ill, having surgery, dealing read more

October Minutes

The meeting was held on October 4, 2019 at 1:30 pm at the Fishers Library.

Attending: Amy Anderson, Laura Anderson, Chris Behme, Carlene Clark, Ilene Cohen, Diane Dimpfl, Judy Ireland, Diane Lockman, Sandy Metzger, Erika Nickens, Tameria O’Dell, Donna Reimer, Lissa Shanahan, April Sterling, and Alice Whitaker.

The meeting was called to order by Alice Whitaker.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.  The Treasurer’s report was distributed.  It indicates read more

Clear Out the Clutter

Back-to-school anticipation still grips me.

Even though it’s been decades, I remember the simple pleasure of getting organized with new school supplies.  Yellow No. 2 pencils.  Pink pearl eraser.  White notebook paper.  

After a fun, busy summer of childhood craziness, there was a certain calm that came over me as I got ready for that first day of school.  Labor Day was the last hurrah, then order descended on my life again.

There’s something really satisfying and invigorating read more

Smile, Beautiful!

If you haven’t had your photo taken yet for the website, we’ve got you covered! Meet us at the front window during the break at each meeting, and we’ll take your picture. And if we already have your photo but you’d like an update, come on over. 🙂

Thanks, Cornerstone!

Every month Cornerstone Lutheran graciously hosts our Guild meetings at no charge. Please show your gratitude by bringing food pantry contributions, or make a small suggested $ 1.00 donation from your piggy bank.

Thanks so much!

Food Pantry Donations

Cornerstone Lutheran is so gracious to host our guild meetings each month. Please show your gratitude by bringing food donations and leave them at the collection corner in the front lobby. Basic items needed:

  • canned food like tuna or tomatoes
  • packaged food like spaghetti
  • bagged food like rice or beans
  • bottled food like spices or juices

Your contribution is much appreciated.

Children’s Charity Needs

pixabay christianabella creative commons license

After speaking with the coordinators of our Children’s Charities, here are some more specifics on their needs. Labeled tubs will be at our meetings for your donations. Questions: Sally 317 747 4104 or Max 608 692 2020.  Thanks for all you create and donate!

DAMAR: Mostly boys ages 6 through 18 with autism.    Standard size colorful pillowcases.

BIRTHRIGHT, INT’L.:  Support for teens and women with unplanned pregnancies. Larger (36”x 40” up to 36”x 50”)baby quilts read more