Wonky Women!

Tuesday at Community North Health Pavilion some Wonky Women gathered to learn how to be even wonkier! OK, so they were really wonderful women of the guild who gathered to learn how to make wonky blocks from Lisa Ruble, our March Program Speaker. Lisa helped them through the steps to achieve stars, log cabins and other blocks that weren’t quite square, but ended up perfectly square in a wonky way. 20+ guild members were in attendance for the all day workshop.

Thank you to Cheri W and Becky M for coordinating Lisa’s visit and the workshop!


What a great day was had by the participants. It was also a day that the Storeroom was open for shopping. It was a very busy day for the guild! A few quilts were turned in, and this one was adorable! Member Heather G turned in a quilt with cats doing aerobics. How cute. Heather is a member who is not able to attend meetings due to other commitments, but she does get in each month to the storeroom to drop off quilts and pick up fabrics for the next one.

She also brought in a quilt her grandmother made, but doesn’t have a source for donating. How sweet of her grandmother to donate to our cause. We are so lucky to have such awesome guild members! Don’t forget to check out the storeroom for all your charity sewing needs. And be sure to thank the ladies who help in the storeroom, organizing and cutting fabric for our projects!

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