We all attended University today!

If you were at the guild meeting today, you likely got a schooling! We attended Margaret Fete’s Sewing University classroom on Sewing maintenance. I think we got extra credit for it! 

Margaret explained why we need to be aware of the quality of the machines we are buying. Some inexpensive brands are not always the best option for a machine we will be using often and hoping to have for a long time.  

Margaret also went over the things we need to be mindful of when doing maintenance on our machines. She suggests removing the face plate to really get into the crevices of our machines and using a small paint brush style brush for cleaning out your bobbin case. Also in her arsenal are tweezers, Q-tips, and oil. Even if your manufacturer’s suggestion is no oil, if you have metal parts touching each other you need to oil those parts. 

The earlier portion of our meeting was all business! But I do want to highlight some of the items that were discussed.

Diane Dimpfl will be stepping down from the Community Charity Committee. What a wonderful figure head she has been for the last 5 years spearheading this wonderful service we provide to the community. I can’t even imagine how many quilts have gone through this charity endeavor. But I do know the quilt below will make 1 more. This is the quilt that was made by the retreat attendees last month. The name of the block is called Circle of Friends, and it truly was made by a Circle of Friends! Thank you to Susan Juffer, Melissa Schulman, Linda Garzynski, and Sally Sandilands for the work behind prepping the kits for this project. 

Ann Ricciardelli read a note we received from a new member who attended the meeting last month. The letter praised the guild for our friendliness and acceptance of all quilters. What a wonderful thing to hear. We knew we are good people, but it’s always nice to hear it from others. We hope you are finding the guild to be the friendly people we think we are! 

Don’t forget, the annual Charity Quilt Show will be November 13th at Cornerstone Lutheran in Fishers. Diane needs help with transportation of quilts, set up, and take down, and watchers througout the day. Please get in touch with her if you can be there to help that day. 

BOM had 83 blocks turned in!!! They are just adorable. 

5 lucky winners got to take them home.

And now the best part of the day for me? The people! and the shopping opportunity. Margaret brought a trailer full of goodies!! Did you get anything? 

Our Circles of Friends

My haul from the trailer!

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