Upcoming Programs

March 11 at 9:30 at Cornerstone Lutheran Church

Member participation in “First & Last”.  We are asking each of you to bring one of the earliest quilts you made and one of your more recent finishes. We will each share a little about our own quilting journey. We will assign individuals into groups of 10 so that everyone isn’t standing up holding their quilts during the program. 

April 8 at 9:30 at Cornerstone Lutheran Church

“Color in a Supporty Role” presented by Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio  in Oak Park, IL. This is a lecture and trunk show. Guests are welcome, however for this special speaker there will be a $5.00 for non-members.

May 13 at 9:30 at Cornerstone Lutheran Church

“2019 Challenge Quilt”  Sandy Metzger and Cindy Lazar will lead us in the unveiling of the quilt projects that the participants have made. We look forward to seeing what you creative ladies have done with the 4 fat quarters that were in your brown paper bags.

Upcoming Workshops:

April 8 – Workshop: The Role of Color in Your Quilts, with Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio. Community Health Pavilion, 146th Street and Cumberland Road, 2-5 p.m. Cost: $30

Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr are professional quiltmakers and co-founders of Modern Quilt Studio, a design studio in Oak Park, Illinois. Having written the first book on modern quilting, Bill and Weeks are pioneers of the Modern Quilt movement. Weeks made her first modern quilt in 1987 to rethink the possibilities of the American quilt as being expressive of the time in which we live. https://www.modernquiltstudio.com/

Workshop details
Develop analytical methods for using color with confidence through individual and group color explorations. You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of the role of color in your quilts and with a renewed excitement about quilting.

  • Student supplies: rotary cutting equipment, a wide assortment of cotton quilting fabric scraps (bring fabrics you love to work with as well as others that have proved challenging to work with; we’ll be working with small pieces), notebook or journal, and a glue stick.
  • Skill level: Beginner to advanced
  • We will not be using sewing machines at this workshop.

There are just 3 spots left in this workshop.

April 9 – All-day Workshop, Rediscovering Your Stash, with Weeks Ringle. Community North Pavilion, 146th Street and Cumberland Road, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Cost, $50.

Gain color confidence and plan creative ways to use your stash in one day! Mix a big dose of color theory with an in-depth discussion of combining patterns and a pinch of working with large-scale fabrics and you’ll end up with a plan for projects that you want to make from the fabrics you already have. In addition, you’ll have consultations about how to freshen up your stash while learning how to use fabrics that you love but find perplexing. You’ll see new possibilities for working with your stash and leave the workshop with beautiful palettes and plans for your next few projects. Bring patterns you love and fabrics you’d like to use or are unsure how to use and you’ll be amazed at how you’ll be able to pull it all together. Each student will begin work on a project of their choice during class.

  • Student supplies needed: An open mind and as large an assortment of cotton quilting fabric as you can haul! Try to include different values and hues, small-scale prints, tone-on-tone prints, solids, stripes, batiks, large-scale fabrics, and especially fabrics you love but find challenging to use. Small quantities are fine. You’ll also need a sewing machine, rotary cutting equipment, extension cord, thread, seam ripper, notebook or journal, and any supplies you like to have handy when quilting. 
  • Skill level: Adventurous beginner to advanced

There are 10 spots left in this workshop.

June 8, 2019 – Cathy Geier of Racine, WI will her present Strip Landscape Piecing workshop. This is on a Saturday. 9:30-4:30

Location: Delaware Township Community Building, 

                 9094 E 131st St, Fishers

Cost $45.

Photos of the kits are available at the next meeting.

The workshop fee does not include the kit. Kits are either $25 or $30 depending on which one your select. Three spots left in this workshop.

You can check out Cathy’s work on her website: https://cathygeier.com/


Here’s our friendly reminder regarding workshop payment and cancellation policies. 

Payment is due when you sign up. 

If you need to cancel, we will refund your workshop fee as long as you cancel 2 weeks prior to the workshop. After that, no refunds are available, but you may sell or gift your spot to someone else.

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