Tip Of The Month!

January’s Tip Of The Month is starting at the beginning, Starting a quilt project.

Whether you start with a pattern or a fabric pull, here’s a tip to make sure your project is successful. Your pattern will have a materials list which gives yardage needed for your project. Let your camera photo app help you decide if that new store-bought or stash-shopped fabric is going to work with your pattern.

Arrange your fabric in a dark to light progression, as close as your eye can detect the difference. Then open your camera app and snap a photo of the fabric. Find that picture in your photos file and click the edit feature. On an iPhone your screen will look like this in edit:

I have clicked on the symbol of 3 overlapping shades of gray on the bottom center of the screen. This shows me a scroll box right above where the white outline is. I can scroll through those versions of my photo until I come to Mono. 

Mono reduces the colors to shades of gray so that my eye is now looking at contrast instead of color. 

Even though the 2 on the right look to be the same in value, the difference in the prints will be enough to distinguish them from each other in the overall quilt. The two fabrics on the left “read” very close in value, when used together in a quilt the eye might not perceive them to be different fabrics, so it might be best to not use them next to each other. 

Refer to your pattern for information about “lights, mediums, and darks” to determine how many of each value you need for your quilt and then use your phone camera to determine just how light, medium, or dark your fabrics really are. Most quilts depend on that contrast of values to make the design pop! Make sure your fabric choices accomplish that goal. 

And if you still need a little more help, refer to this article from American Patchwork and Quilting. Weeks Ringle gives her tips on how to use your hard to pair fabrics. 

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