The Secret to Neat & Easy Hand Applique

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Have you ever tried hand applique? This finishing method gives your quilt an added dimension and pop. There are two or three methods in the sewing community for attaching appliques like flowers, animals, and birds to your quilts:

  • needle-turned & fusible web
  • starch & freezer paper
  • raw edges & fusible web

Purl Bee’s simple applique method will give you a beautiful clean finish that doesn’t fray or come undone.  The finished edges look like you invested the time and effort in turning them under with your needle when, in fact, you took a shortcut.  Here are 10 steps to neat (& easy!) hand applique:

  1. make template on scrap or craft paper
  2. trace your template on wrong side of fabric
  3. roughly cut around the outline on your fabric
  4. pin it to the wrong side of fusible web interfacing (fusible side up)
  5. sew all the way around the pencil line of your template
  6. trim seam allowance to 1/8″
  7. flip the fabric over and cut a slit in the interfacing (not the fabric)
  8. turn the fabric right side out through the slit
  9. finger or iron press to lay applique design flat
  10. stitch to the quilt top

What’s your favorite method for hand applique?  Let’s get a conversation going in the comments.