September Presidents Letter

President’s Letter

Hello Dear Quilters!

Yes, for September we are returning to an outdoor meeting.  Sigh…During this time of restrictions I have often thought back to what a friend in college said when she was on a diet. When she got the urge to eat something junky, she’d say to herself, “I’ve had cookies before and I’ll have them again-I just can’t have them right now.” So keep in mind, there will be many, many more cookies in the future, but until then we still have lots of healthy foods to enjoy together. 

(Disclaimer: Don’t be fooled, that was just a sappy metaphor. Of course, we’re planning to have some junky food at our party!  I mean, yuck, nobody said we had to substitute cookies with kale!)

On the guild’s birthday (or is it our anniversary? oh well, you know my feeling, anything goes) we owe gratitude to the founding Mudsock quilters: Rosie Antonides, Donna Case, Annie Gianaris, Barb Lucas, Carolynn Mariott, Ellizabeth Meek, Cindy Reynolds and Liz Rott. It took a whole lot of planning to get the guild on its feet and keep it going strong. Looking back ten years to her experience helping form this guild, member Annie Gianaris wrote:

“Ten years have softened the edges for me, taken out the frustrations of putting strangers together to determine what needed to be done. Let’s face it, it was making a quilt with the tastes and skills of a lot of different people with different likes and dislikes, different skill levels and levels of patience.  In the end, a beautiful quilt was made and that is all that matters.  When you think about the quilts that you may have made, and the seams that you ripped out and have resewed, and the colorful language that may have floated about in your studios, the end result is all that people see…the blue ribbon winner that is this guild. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this once quiet thought that actually happened.”…Nicely said, Annie, nicely said.

Did you know that an entire decade of the “Mudsock Messenger” is housed on our website at They are fun to read. If you’re wondering what it takes to start a guild, check out the September 2011 newsletter.

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