Retreat Shenanigans!

Friday night was time for Fabric Feud!!!! Our intrepid host Jacques Ze Ripper (aka Tameria O-Dell) led the rousing event where two teams competed to see who could score the most points answering some quilting related questions. 

The teams were The Bobbin Winders and the Show Girls, shown below. I don’t know what you think, but those Show Girls were kind of sketchy. Seems every club they danced at is now closed or in trouble! But don’t think the Bobbin Winders were any better. They formed a GARAGE BAND! Not that they were any good, it’s been reported, but can you imagine! 

The game kicked off with the two Ring Leaders, I mean, captains of the teams squaring off over the question of “What’s the #1 item not to forget to bring to retreat“.  The Show Girls buzzed in with the answer “Chocolate”. And while Chocolate was on the list, it wasn’t the top answer. The Bobbin Winders were able to steal it away with the answer “Sewing Machine”. Well duh! What do you think is the #1 item to NOT forget?

The next question was “What is the average number of UFO’s a quilter accumulates at one time”? (answers to the nearest 5). Figures like 20, 30, 35, 10 or 15 were thrown out there, but 1 retreater’s answer was “I’ve been abducted once”. I don’t think that retreater knew what a UFO was?! 

Question #3 for the teams to answer was “Name a popular beverage consumed at retreat“. Soda was the top answer, and I do believe wine was somewhere on that list! At this point the Show Girls were leading 2-1!!!

On to the 4th question: “Name a popular pre-cut“. You would think Fat Quarter would have taken the top answer, but Layer Cake was at the top of the list. With The Bobbin Winders taking this point the game was tied 2-2!!! It was getting very tense when the last two contestants stepped up to the buzzer. 

The Show Girl Antoinette (aka Sandy Metzger) tried to show the Bobbin Winder member (aka Judy Ireland) a welcoming greeting, but that was not to be. This was a serious tie and it called for steely nerves! 

The last question was “Name your least favorite step in completing a quilt“. Well, the Show Girls were able to pull out the win with this round, beating the Bobbin Winders 3-2. At that point the Show Girls burst into a rousing, high kicking, dance line to celebrate their win. I do believe someone’s white wig was thrown in a fit of rage, but I can’t report on who lost their lid! 

The look on Susie Seams (aka Diane Dimpfl) upon losing the game speaks volumes! Pinky Shears (aka Alice Whitaker) looks like she doesn’t know what hit her! But boy did those Show Girls kick it up! 

Thank you to Erika Nickens and her band of merry makers for a fun skit! 

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