Quilting Tips

These tips and tricks are from Karen Burkett, who passed away recently. She was such a  talented artist and we will really miss her.

1 – When you are having trouble threading a needle turn it over and thread from the other side. The whole is punched in the needle and it is easier to thread from one side than it is from the other.

2 – To help the thread not twist while sewing, put the knot in the end that is cut from the spool. This is the direction the thread is meant to come off the spool.

3 – When hand sewing, a good length of thread to use is 18 inches that is approximately the link from your fingertip to your elbow.

4 – If you prick your finger, your own saliva will remove your own blood from fabric.

5 – When doing applique’ use silk thread or bobbin weight thread. Your stitches will dissolve right into the fabric and will not be seen.

6 – To clean your iron, turn it to a warm setting and run it over a new dyer sheet.

7 – Freezer paper makes a good stabilizer.

8 – A pipe cleaner is good to use to clean the bobbin are of your sewing machine. The lint sticks right to it.

9 – Use painter tape on your fabrics and your patterns. It will not leave a sticky residue.

10 – When transferring photos to fabric increase the resolution by 20%.

11 – Wool batting does not crease as bad as cotton batting when the quilt has been folded for a while.

12 – To make a quilters knot, hold the end of the thread against the needle and wrap the thread four times around the tip of the needle. Now while holding the wrapped thread snug against the needle now pull the needle through.