Quarter Square Triangle Blocks

In making the BOM Candy Hearts, I ended up with 2 leftover HSTs (Half Square Triangles) that just wouldn’t stop calling to me. So I pondered what to do with them, and the urge to make them into Quarter Square Triangles hit. But why? What was I going to do with QSTs? Who knew, but I knew this article from The Spruce Crafts would help me make them.

My 2 HSTs blocks turned into 2 QSTs, but something else had to be done to make these blocks useful. And the answer was, make more QSTs! Since I had used FQs for the BOM, I had enough fabric to make 20 total. And just for fun, I made 5 in a darker shade of pink to go with them.


Then it was just a matter of placing them in a somewhat random pattern and sewing them into a pillow front. The addition of borders and a flange brought the size to 18″ for a perfect plump pillow insert I had on hand.



I quilted curves around the blocks and layered a plaid FQ to make a pillow back to finish off the project. The perfect way to finish a pillow is with a concealed zipper, that way you can use the insert for other covers to change them out each season. Orphan blocks are some of the best beginnings of pillow fronts, just add borders and quilt!



Once the front and back were done I just placed them wrong sides together and sewed around all 4 sides to join the pieces. Add binding and tack down by machine and you are done!

Hopefully my sewing room buddy will let me enjoy my new pillow, even if it is in his sewing chair! Have you used QSTs in your quilting? Please share your ideas in the comments!

One thought on “Quarter Square Triangle Blocks

  1. Regarding Chris’ posting about HSTs converted to Quarter square triangles… Of course until recently I didn’t know what a HST was (Half Square Triangle)… but I learned a new trick recently. If like me, you are not accomplished enough in your sewing (or you want those perfect points) you will likely need to trim your HSTs to get perfect size. That’s where my tip comes in… as I hate the trimming part. Yesterday I tried something that CUT THE TRIMMING IN HALF. After pressing your HSTs open, with seams going one direct or the other (i.e. NOT OPEN) , layer one on top of the other, right sides together, with seams going opposite directions and butted up together (i.e. matching diagonal seams). Then take your template with 45 degree diagonal marked on it, overlay the stitching on the wrong side, and trim the two HSTs at once – thus cutting your trimming time in HALF. Sometimes you need to learn for yourself… and maybe this is something others already do as a habit. But for me it was ‘Quilter Life Changing’!

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