President’s Letter

November 2019

I’m just going to jump right in with the obvious cliché of writing about what I am thankful for this November.  (And, predictably, will include my usual sappy-ness, you’ve been warned).

I am thankful for YOU, the members of the Mudsock Quilters Guild.  You amaze me with your kindness, creativity and enthusiasm every single time we meet.  You’re welcoming to guests and new members, sharing information about the guild.  You have concern over members who are ill, having surgery, dealing with the loss of a loved one, or just when someone hasn’t been able to come to a meeting in a while. You greet others with a sincere good morning before the meeting, and share ideas and tips when we’re sewing together.  I’ve never been with a group of women who are more supportive and as genuinely kind as the Mudsock Quilters.

Your creativity is abundantly evident during show and tell.  From showing off your first completed quilt (yea you!!) to sharing the quilt you’ve spent years on and are just glad it’s finished (woohoo!!)  All the other quilts, table runners, smaller projects, and gifts you share are inspiring to the members and isn’t it so much fun to show off a loved item to the group?  I mean, let’s get some applause for what we’ve accomplished here!!!  “Yea!  I quilted this one myself!”  Or,” yippee, this was such a pain to get through, but look!  It turned out so beautifully!”  Let’s face it, we have very little opportunity in life to get applause for what we do, so go for it, share that finished quilt—we’re all there for your accomplishment with rousing applause, and maybe even a few “oooo’s and ahhhh’s” thrown in.  If you haven’t been up for show and tell, what are you waiting for??  I know many members find show and tell to be the best part of the meeting, and the energy and love we share during that time is incredible.

We have one more Meet & Greet on Friday, November 15, at 9:30am at my home.  (See the Calendar for directions.) Please join some of the board members, and “seasoned” members to learn more about MQG. These gatherings have been a lot of fun, informative and an enjoyable way to visit in a smaller group.  I hope to see you then!  

We have one more general meeting in November, then our Christmas party in December.  As always, I am looking back at the year, amazed at how quickly it passed.  But, for now, let’s be thankful for each other.  Thankful for new friendships formed this year, for smiling faces at the meetings, for accomplishments, both large and small but worthy of applause from those who know what it took. 

I wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving


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