President’s letter September, 2019

WAIT! What was that??  It was August rushing by in a blur…..

Another successful Meet & Greet was held at Tameria’s home earlier in August.  The newest members are enthusiastic about the guild and we all enjoyed sharing our ideas and our love of quilting, shopping for fabric, building our stashes and helping our community. It’s always a pleasure to get to know the newest members in a small group.  If you haven’t attended one yet, the next one is November 15th.

We looked forward all year to the bus trip to the AQS show in Grand Rapids, MI, and now we have warm memories, new friendships, and empty wallets.  THANK YOU to Becky Moore and Lois LeVine for organizing the entire trip for the MQG.  It was a great success!  LOTS of laughs, and LOTS of fabric, and plenty of inspiration!

On the heels of the bus trip, we’ll be starting to plan the MQG retreat for next year. Diane Lockman is heading that committee, and will be looking for some enthusiastic helpers to get that set.  More information to come soon.  

September is the 8th year celebration of the Mudsock Quilters Guild founding. I am forever grateful for the ambitious ladies who decided to start this guild, and keep it growing into what it is today. Six founding members, and at last count, we have 163!  Every one of the members is important to keep the Guild interesting, engaging and evolving as we grow and add to our activities beyond the meetings. 

Our charity groups are still busy creating and collecting quilts and pillowcases and dresses for our various groups.  Our recent counts are 70 baby and youth quilts divided between the 3 groups that they go to, and 165 pillowcases for Damar. Over 300 dresses for Africa and over 100 pads have been sent on 3 mission trips, and 157 quilts for Community are ready to distribute for Christmas morning.  We still have a way to go for the Community quilts, so please join us on the 3rd Monday each month this Fall, and make a quilt or two.   Dresses, pillowcases and children’s quilts are ongoing monthly and distributed throughout the year.  So, keep those coming too!! 

 Our UFO group on the 4th Monday has been a grand success, and another way to meet members, share ideas and work on whatever you’d like.  Personally, I have successfully started 3 more UFOs during the sewing time, but maybe I’m doing that wrong…?

We have interest in starting a Quilts of Valor bee, and Peggy Fowley has offered to chair this.  We will have more information on this very worthwhile organization on the website and October newsletter.

Along with our Guild birthday, September is our election month.  We will be voting in the new 2020 board at the meeting.  As we have our transition with the elected board, it’s also a good time to think about joining a committee next year.  January is our fresh start for the board, and all the committees will have time to meet and make plans for the entire year.  But, as I remind you every month, no need to wait, if you’d like to step in and help on a committee at any time, you are most welcome to! 

Laura Anderson, our Hospitality chairwoman will be having a planning meeting on Monday, September 23 at 10am at Cornerstone for the Christmas party. Anyone who’d like to help out is encouraged to attend.  We’re expecting a record turnout this year, not only with our growing membership, but because we have discovered that this group enjoys a good party! 

We have 3 workshops remaining this year, all in October, so there is still time to sign up. Visit the Program table at the meeting next week for the choices.  Bring your check book!

Remember that all MQG information is available on the website and on our Facebook page.

As the days get shorter, the temperatures cool and we start thinking about the changing season, remember to enjoy this lovely time of year.  Get inspired by the colors, sort through your stash and plan some projects to work on as winter sets in.  For now, enjoy the break in the heat & humidity and get outside to enjoy your flowers as they finish their Summer show. Pay attention to the color palette in your own yard and bring that to your quilts.  You may just find another project or two.

Happy Birthday Mudsock Quilters Guild!

I’m delighted to be a part of it!


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