President’s letter, March, 2019

Thank you. 

Now that’s an odd way to start a letter, but it’s what comes to mind as I think about everything  the Mudsock Quilters Guild is doing lately.  We’re in our 4th year of making quilts for Community North Hospital to distribute on Christmas morning. We’re making pillowcases, baby quilts, and all sizes for children who are often in unimaginable situations.  You stepped up to help with a request for 4 quilts for a nursing home in Nebraska, not knowing the people involved, but you heard there was a need and you responded with an enthusiasm that exceeded my expectations.  Even after the 4 were started, you asked if you could do more!

We’re like that. When there’s a happy moment, like a baby on the way, we make a quilt (or 2). When someone is ill and needs a hug, what better way for a quilter to show some love, than to make a quilt to show some compassion. There is actual healing and comfort in wrapping up in a handmade quilt.  We do so much charitable work, never knowing the receiver, but we know it helps.  It helps us keep busy, working on a craft that we love. And, we know it helps put a smile on a face, and comfort to someone in need.    So, thank you.

If you haven’t found a place in the guild, whether it’s in a charity bee or on a committee, it’s never too late to join.  Check the website for the calendar of events, the facebook page has events listed too and as always we’re showing our projects, sharing information and general shenanigans with the guild members. The meetings are so busy I know how difficult it can be to connect.  The workshops offered and the extra activities are the best way to feel a part of the group.  

We had another very successful Meet & Greet.  Thanks to Diane Lockman for opening her lovely home and letting us peek at her charming sewing room. It’s always a treat to get to know the newest members, share their interests and welcome them to Mudsock. Next one is May 17.

We’re working a bit on streamlining the meetings even more.  We realize that there’s so much to cover, and only so much time.  From now on, meetings will run from 9:30-12:00.  If you have to leave early please slip out quietly.  We just need the extra time to have an efficient meeting.   Show & Tell, our most popular part of the meeting is getting a bit revamped.  Please have your quilts out of the bag, ready to show and limit the story time about the quilt.  We need volunteers to be “holders and folders” as well to keep things moving.  We love to see what everyone is making, but as our numbers grow, so too does (happily) our show & tell time.  Laying the quilts out on the chairs was well received, so we will continue to do that each month.

The $1 donation was a success right off, I think it will be a blessing to the church and it’s an easy way to thank the church for allowing us to use the space. Please remember that food donations are always appreciated too.

This month, our guild program is sure to be a lot of fun as we have our 1st and last show & tell.  Please participate, especially if you’ve been shy about stepping up front with a quilt.

 Our April meeting is extra special as we have Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio.  She’s going to get us to rethink our stashes, look at design and color in all new ways.  There’s still room in the workshops, please visit the Program table at the meeting. In May, we will have our Challenge Quilt reveal.  Have you started on your project?  Or, did you peek in the bag, only to close it up again, and think about it tomorrow?  I like the fabric I received, but not yet sure on the project.  

Enjoy the time that you spend sewing, whether for yourself or others.  It’s what makes us happy and fulfilled. How many of you have a quilt that you’ve made just for yourself?  One to use when you need a nap, to curl up under while binge watching a favorite tv show, or to have on hand to cover a loved one at home?  If you don’t add that to your to do list!  As wonderful as it is to sew for others, you should  have at least one quilt you’ve made just for you.  But, I  know you all too well, and I know the charity quilts will keep coming at a dizzying rate, and that’s why this guild is so marvelous.  Thank you.


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