President’s letter June, 2019

We had another successful Meet & Greet last Friday at the home of Amy and Laura Anderson.  The hostesses were delightful, the new members were enthusiastic, a delicious assortment of food and drinks was served, and we covered all the information on the Guild from BOM to Sunshine.  If you haven’t attended one yet, there will be another on August 16th.  

 Thinking about the comments on the way home, there is one that has come up every time we gather—a resounding agreement that the guild is SO FRIENDLY!!

We are!  I wholeheartedly agree!  I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been welcomed at my first meeting, introduced as a guest and new member.  I felt included right at the start.  Anyone I sat next too, greeted me with a “Good Morning, how are you?”  We’ve kept up this welcoming to our members each month, and it shows as we are adding new members at a rapid pace.  

Take a moment and think about why you searched for a guild to join, or why a friend insisted that you come and check out a meeting.  We could all be sewing at home, enjoying our hobby, not really needing 150 other quilters around us to validate our craft.  We are in this for the shared joy we have in creating. Whether it’s a quilt for loved ones (or ourselves), a holiday wall hanging to brighten your home, a table runner for each season, we can do this alone.  But, we chose to reach out to find others who share this passion.  We can joke about our overflowing stashes, and support each other to buy that gorgeous yard.  We help with a trouble spot in a pattern, loan our supplies, and help make the world a little cheerier and brighter with our finished masterpieces.  We love to ooooh and ahhhhh over each other’s work at show and tell and get inspired when we see new ideas from our group.  Let’s do our best at each monthly meeting, each sewing bee, and when we get together for other meetings.  Please remember to reach out and say hello to a new face in the crowd. Take a moment as you find your seat at the meeting to greet those around you, and invite them to lunch or to the next gathering.  Even the seasoned members like to be reminded how happy you are to see them.  I’d thought about taking a few minutes like we do in church each week and have everyone get up and  welcome those around them, but I know  you all too well and I’d need more than a microphone and gavel to get you back to order!

We have some fascinating speakers scheduled for the rest of the year. Check the website, the newsletter and Facebook page for updates, the calendar for all the schedules.  Stop by the Program table and see what’s coming up for workshops, bring your checkbook so you’re sure to get a spot! 

Help out the Sunshine committee and drop a note in the basket at the membership table if you know of anyone who could use a little cheering up or support during a tough time.  It’s the best way for them to know who might need a kind note.

It’s never too late in the year to join a committee.  If you like to join one, ask me and I can get you connected with the chairwoman, so you can help out.

As we cross the half-way date this year, it’s actually time to look ahead to next year.  If you’re thinking about an office on the board, either elected or a committee chair, please let me know!  Drop me an email  and we’ll find a place for you to help support the guild in 2020.  As for me, I truly love this job, it’s so much fun-more than I’d even expected it to be.  But, next year, you’ll find me sitting in the middle seat, in the middle row, greeting those around me, and watching the meeting with each of you—oooohing and ahhhing over your latest masterpiece.  In the meantime, there’s exciting meetings to enjoy, lots of laughs, and new friends to meet.

Thanks for being a part of Mudsock Quilters Guild,


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