President’s letter – January 2019

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CHALLENGE:  “a call to take part in a contest or competition” or “a task or situation that tests someone’s abilities”   

 As I looked up the definition and synonyms for CHALLENGE, I found just as many positive words – call, enliven, rally, as I found really unpleasant words—agitate, goad, provoke.  So, for this year, let’s just stick with that first group, stay positive as we rally together!

We all have challenges in life, and yes, many of them are very unpleasant. But reaching toward goals; getting away from what is comfortable, and safe is the challenge I’d like to explore for this coming year.  I’ve found a year-long “Bucket List” for quilters, that we’ll post in the newsletter and on the website.  There are 50 items, and vary from English Paper Piecing (hard?!) to finish a UFO (also hard!) to Attend a Quilt Guild Meeting (see!! You practically have one checked off already in January!!)  Sew a charity quilt, and donate a pillowcase for charity—(easy, as we are already doing that, so jump in and get those checked off too!)


At the January meeting, Sandy Metzger and Cindy Lazar will present the Challenge quilt for 2019.  I have no idea what they have planned, but with their creative minds, it’s sure to be a true challenge (and maybe tick a few boxes on our list).  After the meeting, we will break into groups for each of the committees to start planning what they envision for the year.  It’s a wonderful time to see where you might like to volunteer for the guild.  Getting involved is the best way to meet more members and feel more a part of the guild, beyond the meetings. 

So I challenge you to participate at the meetings—join a committee, bring a show & tell, make a Block of the Month, sit with a visitor, chat with someone you don’t know well during the break.

Beyond the meetings, attend a sewing bee (Community, little dresses, handwork group), take a workshop, or class at one of the local quilt shops.  There’s so much to do.  Challenge yourself this year, and we’ll look back next December and see just how much we’ve grown as a Guild and as quilters!!

It’s an honor to be the President for the Mudsock Quilters Guild for 2019.  The guild and members have become so important to me as I settle into this new life here in Indy.  After 32 years of being a Navy spouse, stay at home mom and volunteer for so many different organizations, MQG has become my home, my niche.  Thank you for putting your trust in me as I guide the MQG through the coming year.

Happy Quilting,

Alice Whitaker

Happy Quilting,

Alice Whitaker

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