President letter, August

Well, here we are the end of July, and it’s back to school time around here.  As a kid in Ohio, school didn’t start until the day after Labor Day.  August 1st meant weeks of summer still stretching ahead, the start of the County Fair, and plenty of time left for family vacations, bike rides, afternoon at the city park pool and just hanging around with friends.  As long as you heard the call for dinner, we pretty much had the run of the neighborhood, or even the whole town. After dinner, meant back outside, catching fireflies, games of tag, more bike rides and you better pay attention to the street lights when they came on.  Every kid suddenly disappeared toward home when they lit up…or stay for the embarrassment of having your name hollered!  Skipping ahead a few years (or more than a few) summer takes on a new meaning without kids to send back to school.  It’s gone back to long lazy days stretched out ahead of us, complaining about the heat and humidity, staying inside as much as possible, and avoiding the things we loved so dearly years before. Crowds, traffic and the heat are all reasons why we don’t want to be bothered with the fair, the city park, going to fireworks etc.  I guess we find other ways to spend our summer days, but let’s not lose the wonder of those lazy days, enjoying this season for what it should be, time to slow down and relax, reconnect with family and friends and rejuvenate.  Enjoy the last weeks of summer, you know all too soon, we’ll be complaining about the cold winds, zero temps and wishing for a lazy summer day.

As the kids head back to the classrooms, they face a busy school year with so much to learn, new ideas, new challenges, making new friends and finding their way in the world.  We can take this time too, to accept those same experiences and put it into play within the MQG. (You wondered how I’d tie all this together didn’t you?!)  We have so much ahead of us this fall.  Workshops to take to learn new techniques (check with the Program committee table at the August meeting)

Nationally known quilters will be sharing their love of the craft and will inspire us with their wonderful work.  Our charity projects continue, leading up to distributing the quilts on Christmas morning.  Little Dresses for Africa will be making dresses, pads, bags, and shorts.  Pillowcases are always in demand, and children and baby quilts are welcome for our other charities.   Find a spot in the guild where you’d like to help.  We’ve had requests for a beginning quilting class.  If that’s where your talents and interests are to teach, then please let me know and we can set up some kind of workshop.  If you’d like to start another type of BEE, let me know about that too.  As I keep saying, the small groups are the best way to meet others in the Guild.  Committees will be looking for help for 2020, so that may be where you’d like to step up.  Every volunteer is helpful, and appreciated.

So, as the kids head back to their classrooms, let’s get back to ours too.  Decide to learn something new this fall about quilting.  Whether it’s a new technique, using a different type of fabric or pattern that you normally do, get brave and stretch your skills!  Those little ones in 1st grade aren’t the best at reading and math now, but after practice, and a few months they’ll improve.  And at that age, they love school, love their teacher and friends. We can go back to those feelings and remember how wonderful it is to learn something new, and even excel at it, with practice!

See you on the playground


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