One Little Wish

“T’was the month before meeting, and all through my head,

 the ideas were stirring,

 I had feelings of dread! 

 This is my last meeting as the ‘Sock President,

I know there’ll be tears, I know my time’s spent.

There’s a big party planned for all of the gals

There’ll be music and food with all of my pals!

I need to stay cool, remain as calm as can be,

But deep down inside I’ll be sad, so sad -you will see.

For this job’s been a joy, a jolly good time,

The best volunteer gig that’s ever been mine!

I’ve got one more meeting to use the loud mike

I’ve got one more chance to do everything right!

Off cell phones!  Bang gavel! Say hi, welcome to

Mudsock, the best guild because all of you!

Agendas, committees, and information to share,

The feelings of pride I have just can’t compare.

Thanks for your trust, your support and your laughs,

I appreciate that when I made a few gaffs!

So my time is now through as the quilt guild ringleader,

The torch will be passed to April, please greet her

With all of the kindness and love you’ve shown me,

She’ll be kind!  She’ll be fun!  She’ll be cool with great wit

I have to admit, I’ll miss it a bit!

 I served my time up there, in front by the altar

I laughed at myself, I tried not to falter!

I’m quite overjoyed to have served you like this,

Now as I depart, I have one little wish.

Keep up the good work, the merry, the fun!

I’ve had the best time, my work here is done!”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Thank you for your support, and kindness all year, I appreciate it, and look forward to more fun and exciting things to come next year.  Save me a seat in the middle. See you in January!

All the best,

Alice Whitaker

President Mudsock Quilters Guild 2019

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