October Minutes

The meeting was held on October 4, 2019 at 1:30 pm at the Fishers Library.

Attending: Amy Anderson, Laura Anderson, Chris Behme, Carlene Clark, Ilene Cohen, Diane Dimpfl, Judy Ireland, Diane Lockman, Sandy Metzger, Erika Nickens, Tameria O’Dell, Donna Reimer, Lissa Shanahan, April Sterling, and Alice Whitaker.

The meeting was called to order by Alice Whitaker.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.  The Treasurer’s report was distributed.  It indicates a balance of $17,148 for the year. After discussion, it was moved and seconded that $4,800 be set side in a separate escrow account in case the guild would ever need to pay for meeting space.  It was also decided to amend the reimbursement form to make it clear where expenses are to be charged.


Membership:  no report this month.

Hospitality: Laura Anderson recommended that the hospitality budget be increased next year due to increased membership and to cover expenses such as the fat quarters for birthdays and Christmas party costs.

Charity: Discuss in new business.  

Steals and Deals (formerly tag sale): There are large cutting tables available from a former member. It was suggested to place them in the Community storeroom for use there.

Sunshine:  There is always a need for birthday, sympathy and blank cards for use by the committee.

BOM: There has been a very good response to the BOM this year. The committee will continue to have a mix of skill levels for the blocks. 

Website:  Diane Lockman reported that we still need 22 member photographs for the website.  She will again announce at the meeting and will start to call names.  The person who does the website monitoring is retiring and we will need a replacement.

Facebook : No new news to report.

Newsletter:  No report this month. 

Programs: April Sterling and Chris Behme distributed a spread sheet indicating all the programs/workshops year- to- date. Most of the programs for 2020 are planned.  The Challenge will be announced in February and revealed in July.  The UFOs will continue at the Fishers library.


-PINS—there has been no action from the source after multiple contacts.  Will continue to try to reach.

-Flyer—April will have more printed .

-Meet and Greet—no new suggestions

-Booklet for new members?—the information sheet is easier to update and cheaper to print.  There will be no printed membership roster.  This information is on the website.

– Donated quilts, what to do with them.  It was suggested to have them at a show and tell and to raffle them off.

– Diana Dimpfl reminded us that the Fishers Library has asked us if we’d like to start beginning quilting classes in 2020. They would like February, March, April on Saturdays to start.


-Committees:  Please email or print “lessons learned” to Alice before the November 1 board meeting even if you are remaining on the committee.

-QGI show—our guild will have a table. Volunteers will be reimbursed for parking.  The table will have samples from this year’s workshops.

-Welcome:  There needs to be help with sanctuary clean-up after meetings.  This will be announced at the next meeting and a signup sheet will be available.

-Charities:  Lois LeVine has volunteered to take the position as chair over all the charity projects the guild takes part in.  She will work with April and Alice to determine the details.

-Community Quilt Show: Diane Dimpfl has the flyer ready.  The date is November 23. Currently there are 165 quilts ready and she expects there to be 200 by show time.  Two additional members have volunteered to help with the community quilt project.

-Christmas Party- Laura gave an update.  The committee is planning for 150 attendees.  They are planning on having a protein dish supplied by the guild and are researching possibilities.

– Quilts of Valor—Peggy Fowley will chair this and the charity group will start in March 2020.

-Room Requests for 2020- at this time dates are set, but we need to keep in mind there may be a fee in the future.

-Retreat 2020—The dates have been set for Shipshewana for September 10-13, 2020.  This will go from Thursday at 3pm to Sunday 3pm.  Three rooms have been reserved for sewing and 60 hotel rooms blocked in.. 

– Meet and Greet—November 15, 9:30 am at Alice Whitaker’s.

– Next Board Meeting—November 1 at 1:30 at Noblesville Library. (note place change)

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