October Board Minutes

The board meeting of the Mudsock Quilt Guild was held on 10/12/2018.  Sandy Metzger called the meeting to order. 

Those in attendances were as follows:  Sandy Metzger, Lissa Shanahan, Diane Dimpff, April Sterling, Lois Levine, Alice Whitaker, Judy Elwartowski, Sally Sandilands, Diane Lockman, Marion Newell, Samantha Berry, Carlene Clark and Tameria O’Dell.

The Board Meeting minutes from June were sent by email and accepted as read.

The Treasurer’s Report was distributed.  The Treasurer was not in attendance due to illness.  A question was asked about the Retreat report and workshops.  Apparently there was not as much profit as the report states.  April disagreed with the report and will work with Joanne to figure it out.  Another question was asked about moving the large amount in the checking account to the savings account to start earning interest.

Membership-October we had 117 members.  She will post on the website that the members put their dues in an envelope and drop it off at the table at the monthly meeting then the cards will be given a month later. 

Hospitality-Birthday party was beyond our budget.  There was about $100.00 left in the budget for December.  We all are asked to bring a covered dish for December.  We discussed getting a Ham or meat tray.    

Charity Suggestion-Lois reported it was doing well.  

Diane Dimpff-Community North.  The quilt Show is 11/17/18 from 10am-2pm.  158 quilts so far for this year, 24 are from last year.  Working on advertising in the Current, Facebook and the Mayor’s office, etc.  May get Indy Star to attend the event.  Diane attended the volunteer luncheon and also left information at that location.  We may have a raffle next year to raise money.  

Carlene-Tag Sale.  Asked to rename the tag sale to make it clearer.  We won’t have the sale until 2019.  We have raised quite a bit at the meetings this year.  Think about a catchy name and email it to Carlene.  Discussion ensued concerning new ideas about the sale.

Lissa-Newsletter.  Stated she is having difficulty learning how to use an assistant.  (What should I have the assistant do?) Sandy suggested meeting and explaining what you do and maybe have her do the letter one month.  April suggested coming up with a deadline in which to get information to Lissa each month.  Passwords were also discussed. 

Program-April Sterling Passed out program report.  Joanne had said the retreat needs to stand on its own financially.  Discussion of if the meetings and workshops with speakers should be separate or together.  Should we increase the program Budget?  Should all speaker expenses go under one line item on the budget? Discussion ensued.  Suggested we come up with a budget amount for Programs of $2,500.  Would like to publish a policy on cancellation with regard to workshops and retreats.  Any money left over from an event should stay in a “retreat bucket.”  When a “special speaker” comes, suggest charging $5.00 for guest.   Also workshops will be more expensive for non-members.  

Lois-Bus Trip.  Suggested we go to Grand Rapids in August of 2019 instead of Paducah, Ky.  It is much closer.  Discussion ensued.  We should go for two nights so people would have time to take classes.  Should we carpool or take a bus?  Discussion ensued.  Will ask at the meeting where members are interest in going.  Gave retreat information from prior year and for another location to Diane Lockman as she will create a committee to assist her.  

Block of the Month-Sally is way ahead of the game for next year she stated.  There are 6 of us on the committee.  Sandy suggested we have a “newbie” block of the month day to show new quilters how to do each block.  Could get the room at Always in Stitches.  Sally will talk to Judy and see if they can do this and schedule it a couple weeks after the meeting.  Suggest a signup sheet so you know how many are coming.  Suggested a table gets set up to have the sign-up and copies on it instead of passing copies out to everyone because of the cost of copies and many take the copy and never participate.  

Our meeting room is Cornerstone except for June and we will have to go back to Fishers Methodist Church.  Suggested we have a donation box on the membership table for use of the church since they don’t charge us.

New Member Welcome-October 26th at Alice’s home 10am-noon.  Discussed who is bringing what items.  There will be nametags, ice breaker game, drawing for Mudsock pin and those in attendance will explain their duties.  Someone will tell about the bus trip, retreat, BOM, quilting bees, etc.  There are only 5 members coming due to space.  Will print new roster to give to new members and take pictures.  The next one should be maybe in February possibly, then once a quarter.   Discussion ensued.  

Final discussion ensued concerning how to make the general meeting run smoother and what should we do to shorten the meeting.  We should give visitors a copy of last month’s newsletter and website instructions when they sign in.  

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00.

Tameria O’Dell, Secretary

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