November Minutes

The meeting was held on November 1, 2019 at 1:30 pm at the Noblesville Library.

Attending:  Laura Anderson, Carlene Clark, Wanda Feder, Judy Ireland, Diane Lockman, Sandy Metzger, Donna Reimer, Lissa Shanahan, April Sterling, and Alice Whitaker.

The meeting was called to order by Alice Whitaker.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.  

Treasurer’s report:  the reimbursement form has been changed to include the specific reason for the reimbursement, so it’s easier for Tameria to keep track on her spreadsheet.


Membership:  Wanda reported that we now have 165 paid members.  This includes 54 new members year to date.  Attendance at the meetings has varied from 126 to 83 with most meetings having 95-100.  It was asked that it be announced that members are to pay no later than the break so accounting can be done by the end of the meeting.  Members who are renewing their membership are to place their checks in an envelope and cards will be distributed the following month.

Hospitality: Laura Anderson reported that plans for the Christmas party are well underway.  They plan to have the pot-luck dishes taken at the door.  Names should be on the carriers.  The December meeting will begin at 10.  There will be no show and tell.  There will be door prizes.

Charity: Contact was made with Damar and they appreciate the pillowcases.  They have a larger turnover than we were aware of. They have received at least 80 pillowcases.  

Steals and Deals: Will not be held in December due to the party.

Sunshine:  No report

BOM: Judy Ireland submitted the committee report Most of next year is blocked in.

Website:  Diane Lockman reported that the new web manager service is in the process of having Mudsock’s material migrating in to their service.  In the future, there will be a $47 charge to address any issues, such as the website crashing. Reminder that it is possible to enroll the guild on amazon and we would receive a portion of any purchases.  Members are still having trouble accessing the website.

Facebook : No new news to report.

 Newsletter:  Lissa Shanahan reports that she will be writing up, in detail, the process for the newsletter in case there is an emergency.

Programs: April Sterling submitted an extensive report of the program activities for this past year. They ended the year below budget.  The November program will be Vicky Smith from Quilt Expressions on stabilizers.


-PINS—No report

-Flyer—250 have been printed and about 100 distributed.

-Meet and Greet—Suggested to pass the clip board around.

             -Hospitality– Members stepped up to help out with cleaning after the meeting 

in October.

QGI show—Our location was very good and having the samples from the workshops was an asset.



-The new charity committee will be headed by Lois LeVine.  She has made contact with Project Linus which may serve as a distributer for our various charity projects.  This will be discussed at a future meeting.

-Charity Quilt Show—Set for November 23

-Room Requests for 2020 are set with the church.

– Retreat 2020—Diane Lockman reported that she has made reservations at the Blue Gate for dinner for 75.

– There needs to be a call-out for someone(s) to begin organizing and planning the 2021 bus trip, preferable to Paducah in the Spring.

– Meet and Greet—November 15, 9:30 am at Alice Whitaker’s.

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