No Peeking, April!!

We need to get started on the president blocks for April Sterling, which is a tradition we want to continue. For those unfamiliar with this practice, members of the guild are invited to make a quilt block for the outgoing president as a thank you for their leadership. Needless to say, April has more than held her own as our president in a very unusual and trying year. 

To make a block, you need to get a packet with a background square and the printed instructions. It is a simple applique pattern with 5 pieces. The packets will be available at meetings, in the Community quilting storeroom at the Community Health Center at 146th and Cumberland, or you can contact Sandy Metzger @ or 517-881-3785 to have one mailed to you. Please include your name and complete address.

Click the links below for instructions & sample photos (pdfs):



There are three photos. The first is a completed block on the background we will be using. The second and third were my practice blocks, and I did not do the stitching around the edges of the applique. You can use any colors, and your bird parts can be positioned however you find pleasing to you. My examples are just a few possibilities. Be creative!

All completed blocks need to be returned to Sandy or Alice Whitaker by the November meeting. They will be given to April at our December holiday get together. 

Happy Quilting!

Sandy Metzger

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