May Board Minutes

The meeting was held on May 3 at 1:30 pm at Alice Whitaker’s home.

Attending: Laura Anderson, Chris Behme, Carlene Clark, Diane Lockman, Sandy Metzger, Erika Nickens, , Donna Reimer, Sally Sandilands, Alice Whitaker, and Tamera O’Dell .

The meeting was called to order by Alice Whitaker. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written. The Treasurer’s report was distributed showing deposits and withdrawals up to date. It indicates a balance of $16, 998.27. There was discussion regarding the possible need to set aside a certain amount as an emergency fund especially if we would have to pay for room accommodations in the future.


Membership: Our current membership is at 146. There have been thirty-two new members so far this year..

Hospitality: Laura Anderson reported that there has been discussion regarding food donated versus food reimbursed. Food will be donated except for special purposes such as Christmas or the Guild birthday. It was suggested that the fat quarters for the birthday cupcakes be taken from those available at the Steals and Deals.

Charity: Little Dresses: There has been a session teaching a Wollcot guild the process. Pillowcases: The pattern will be put on the website or a link to the pattern.

Steals and Deals: Carlene reported that the Tag Sale is set for May 4th at the Methodist church. Enter door 4. Flowers will be arranged as an appreciation gift for Wanda who has stored all the items in her garage for two years. After this meeting, we will meet at Carlene’s home to take fabrics in our cars to be delivered early morning of the sale.

Sunshine: There has been minimal movement on the prayer chain requests. They will be coordinating with membership regarding people who haven’t attended at least 3 meetings.

BOM: Erika Nickens reported that she has received a large donation of coordinated fabrics from Teri Degenkolb. The plan will be to package these up as kits for members to make into charity quilts. There will be BOM session at the Fishers Library May 29.

Facebook: no report. There is increased activity on the site.

Newsletter: There was discussion regarding back-up for Lissa .

Meet and Greet: The next Meet and Greet will be at Laura and Amy Anderson’s on May 17.

Bus Trip/Retreat: The hotel is set for the bus trip to Grand Rapids. Diane Lockman is exploring the retreat for 2020 in Fall or April in Shipshewana again. It was suggested to look at double the space we had last time.

Programs: April Sterling reported that the programs are set for the rest of this year. They are already looking at 2020 possibilities. She explained that when using out of town, nationally known speaker, the expenses look high but by combining with a workshop and sharing with other local guilds, the costs are significantly reduced.


-Show and Tell. Continue putting projects over the chairs. Take more photos. We need two people to hold and two to fold.

Meeting Handouts: for new members and guests. There will be a new version in August for Fall information.

Guild Pins—in process.

Continue to count charity projects to be announced at December meeting.


– Volunteers will be needed for the Nomination Committee. Elections are held at the September meeting. Nominations for President, Vice President and Secretary are needed. -It was decided to move the September Board meeting to October 4th so newly elected officers can attend. We may not have a July Board meeting.

– A welcome packet for new members was discussed.

-Carlene shared a handout she developed for Steals and Deals. It could possibly be done for other committees.

-It was suggested there be a group picture taken annually.

Next Board meeting: To be determined.

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