May 2023 Program

State Coordinator, Christine Hurley

Christine has been a volunteer with the Quilts of Valor Foundation | ( since 2013. Since May 2015 she has been the Indiana State Coordinator (SC) and lives in Indianapolis with her husband Robert.

She served in the United States Air Force during the Cold War. She was stationed in Montgomery, Alabama (Gunter AFB); the Republic of South Korea (Kunsan AB); and in San Angelo, Texas (Goodfellow AFB). She later served with the Indiana Air National Guard at Hulman Field near Terre Haute, IN. During her time in the US Air Force she was a Law Enforcement Specialist – now known as “Security Forces”. She is also an Independent Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

She is a 2015 Past President of the Quilters Guild of Indianapolis and enjoy quilting and the many wonderful friends she’s met through quilting. She enjoys awarding Quilts of Valor to our Hoosier veterans.