June 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Mudsock Quilters Guild

Board Meeting Notes

June 11th, 2021

This meeting was held at the Delaware Township office rooms at 1:30pm.
16 members were in attendance: Melissa Schulman, Ann Ricciardelli, April Sterling, Laura Anderson, Amy Klodzen,  Lissa Shanahan, Diane Dimpfl, Sally Sandilands, Linda Garzynski, Susan Juffer, Chris Behme, Julie Putman, Lois Levine, Lydia Lander, Wanda Feder,  Elizabeth Sampson
Meeting called to order by Ann Ricciardelli  at 1:40
March 2021 board meeting minutes were approved.   Laura Anderson motioned and  Susan Juffer approved  

Thank you to Sally for getting the room for us for this meeting and our future monthly meetings in the Community Building.    Delaware Township approached Sally at the BOM sew-in and wanted to know more about us and wanted to  help us out for this year.   We have the community building for our monthly meetings until the end of the year free of charge.
Sally explained what we did for the community with all the charities that we benefit.    They want to put an article in their newsletter about us and help us out.

The township will come to the meeting and take pictures for the newsletter

If anyone needs a table, please come early to get the table setup.  We might need time to get things moved around.
What is the technology situation?     They do have Wifi?.    Did they show you how to use the PA system?    We need to have someone show us, so we can use it.
Can not put anything on the walls?.   No but they have a room divider that we can use to display the BOM.
We just need to remove all trash.  They will have the bins for the donated food items.
Glad everyone showed up.  

Damar, Quilts for Kids and Tummy Time
Lois Levine spoke about the charities.
Should we think about maybe doing another children’s charity to change things up.   So far we have collected:
68 pillowcases, 52 for quilts for kids, 25 for tummy time.
There is a new place in Speedway called Isaiah House that is getting a place ready to open next year.   It is a place that will be for kids to go when they are transitioning to another place but need time in between.    The place wants to offer them a pillow and a pillowcase to take with them.   Maybe an option  

Community Hospital Sewing and Shopping
Diane Dimpfl spoke about Community
People can shop when Diane is volunteering at the desk every Tuesday from 12-4.   Just need to let her know you are coming.
People are giving receipts but not filing out the reimbursement form.   Diane needs those filled out to give a reimbursement.
Quilt show?    Sally talked to Delaware Township about using the community building to have a show.  We will be looking into it and making it a fundraiser.    Maybe charge a little more than last time.
We can have voting for the top quilt.    Maybe have a raffle, but would need to go through the state and fill out paperwork, still thinking about the process.
We have donated to Community for 5 years, do we want to continue?   Should we look into something else for our donated quilts?  What if we picked a certain section of the hospital?  Cancer center?
We have about 70 quilts done far.
Call from Anderson Hospital – asking for “end of life care” asking for donations.
Should we get together and reassess our charity needs and groups for next year?    Should we change things?    Should we help Delaware Township charity too?   

Fall Retreat – Susan Juffer
44 paid members for the retreat.   Would like to keep the sign up open until August.  She has chairman for most of the committees for the retreat.  Need more people for the prize and skit committees.   Circle of friends block will be the charity block for the BOM for the retreat.   Sally is in charge of the BOM.   They will be using fabric from the storeroom but may need to purchase white on white fabric.   When the charity BOM is all done it will go to community for a donation.
Chris Behme ask about the craft committee?.   How do we do this for the retreat?  Where items donated or bought?   Looking to make a stiletto with a Turkey lacer, needs beads and glue.   A few people offered some beads to donate.
There will be a Skit, a Craft, a Shop hop on the way up and plenty of shops there plus prizes, food and the charity BOM for the Retreat.
Part of the cost is to have dinner at the Bluegate restaurant on Saturday.  After 45 meals we get two free meals.    Susan has a sheet for everyone to remind them what to bring, will hand out in August.  

Laura Anderson reported on the budget of 2020 compared to 2021.
We had two refunds of dues, one back to the person and one ask theirs to be applied to the retreat.
Added $1,800 to Community budget.
Completed annual Federal IRS information filing.
Summary of income from March to May:
5 new members – 1 refund to overpayment by member – 1 refund to be applied to the retreat – Paypal keeps 3.4% of each dollar received – 5*$25*3.4%+$120.75-$50+$70.75.
Steals N Deals Grarage Sales – $1,122
Retreat Fees – $2,600
Summary of Expenses from March to May:
Block of the Month – $49.61
Sunshine – $22 in postage
Programs – $800 to April speaker – $175 to May speaker


196 paid members
2020 – 19 members that did not rejoin after 2019.  They may still be on facebook.
Should we contact them to see if they still want to be on facebook but not access to the website?
Let Chris know so she can remove the access to the website.
Start renewing our fees in November for the whole next year.  Not taking membership dues in 2021.
8 new members so far this year compared to  30 new members in 2020.
Meeting on Monday –   regular membership table.   Separate table for guest and new members.
Linda Westbrook will be there for membership.  Badges for new guest. 

WEBSITE:  Chris Behme reported:
Great website.    If anyone has any tips they would like to share for the website, please let me know.
Chris is looking for someone to shadow her next year, so they can take over in 2023.
Chris will continue in 2022. 

NEWSLETTER:  Lissa Shannahan – nothing to report
Things are going fine.   Getting all the information from the committees. 

FACEBOOK:  Amy Klodzen reported
Amy Klozden,  April Sterling and Susan Juffer were the helpers during the zoom meetings.  Thank you for your help.
Keep posting your items to share and let Amy know about events.  She will create the invite post.  

SUNSHINE:  Ellen Hanson was not present
Nothing to report 

PROGRAMS:   Lydia Lander and Elizabeth Sampson reported
Vickie Smith and Jayne Gates to take over for 2022,  they have already begun planning for next year.
They have ¾ of year planned already.
Lydia/Elizabeth have been helping them get things planned.
Budget? – 3,500?   That is what they are working from this year.  If they think they might go over they can approach the board to make their budget bigger.    Since they have a full year they might spend more.
$3,400 this year budget – $900. Carryover from 2020.   It has been $2,500 normally.
April Sterling suggested – should we do a 2 year programs budget since things needs to be prepared earlier than the budget is approved?
They have found speakers are continuing to due zoom – Do not want to travel or go back to in person yet.
We should keep that as a possibility during the meetings.   That might affect where the guild meets.  Need to explore the possibility   Maybe have watch parties if not able to do at the meeting.
Need to explore how to move forward for next year.  There is a reduction in fees since we don’t need to pay for travel and hotel if doing zoom.
Jayne and Vickie are asking for help in finding two people to take over for the next year since they are newer to the guild and are still meeting members.
Programs chair is a two year position – first year is shadowing then the next year is doing the programs.  We are asking if the board can elect the new chairs.
Lydia thinks it is great to have two people on this committee.
What is the budget for next year programs?  Need to have another meeting about the budget number.
Speakers – for rest of this year?   No formal programs for June, July,  August or September.
September is the birthday party and challenge reveal.
Planning something fun in July outside of the budget – Fat Quarter Fun for July? August – Elizabeth is working on something.
October – Speaker from St. Louis – maybe in person / also a workshop with her.
November – looking for someone local to be a speaker.
June meeting presentation  – present the challenge quilt idea for September.
Vickie will present the details of the Lucy sew along and members will show their quilts and design they choose.  Would like to take a picture to send to Gundra and Melissa Mason. 

BLOCK OF THE MONTH:  Linda Garzynski/Sally Sandilands reported:
Sally reporting
Very successful year for the BOM considering we did by zoom.
16-25 participants per month
343 blocks
23 winners
The Pineapple block for June did not generate as many, but feeling like people just are busier with other things now it is summer.
July still have a couple drop off places for the BOM but mostly can bring to the meetings now.
They will reduce to two drop off locations. They will be at Linda and Sally places.  Tried to keep everyone interested by posting several times.
BOM had a mini retreat in the spring.     Quilt show, judging for viewers choices.   Show N Tell   Prizes were given for various items we stayed for lunch and had a great time.   We will try to meet quarterly.
July BOM is a sail boat.
August BOM is a Stilleto
Upcoming – sew in dates.   Tuesday may be with the other sew in group June 15 and July 13th are the dates

HOSPITALITY:  Julie Putman reported:
Has not had to do much this year.  Put out a call letter to other hospitality members asking if anyone wants to help for this year.   Not sure how many people will help.  Ask new members who might want to join and help.
Treats / bottled water for the meeting. Homemade and packaged.   She will talk at the meeting.
Cupcakes for the birthdays?   Are we catching up or start new for this month?   Decided to just start fresh with the June birthdays for this year.
No meet and greet this month.   Only have room until noon.
Are we open to a meet and greet elsewhere?     Can we come back and use the Kirkendall room in the main building?     Will check and see if available.
Meet and greet is the board or president responsibility?.    Get a host for each one and they had $50 to spend.
Try to schedule in July right after the monthly meeting.   Use the smaller room or patio.    

STEALS AND DEALS: Melissa Schulman reported:
The garage sales were very successful.   Enjoyed do those and getting people together to shop.   Not many donations since last garage sale.   Did have some recently.   Will bring items to the meeting on Monday.   Then see what others bring and decided how much to bring each month.   We will start doing this at all the meetings going forward.   May have another garage sale in July or August to get all the items out for members to see.     


Should we have the next board meeting in July?   Need to meet sooner than October to discuss items that can not wait until October.
Should we have the separate groups meet then bring ideas to the board/meeting?  Maybe September or late August – should we get through the summer?
Decided to schedule on August 27th at 1:00 next meeting.   

Board Meeting ended 3:30.    

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