July Board Meeting

The meeting was held on July 10, 2020 at 1:30 pm.

The meeting was called to order by April Sterling.  

Previous board meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Tameria O’Dell 

  • $125 in new memberships
  • $1,144 from Pat’s estate sale was donated to the guild
  • There is $4,800 in savings to cover room meeting costs. 

Update on meeting space due to Coronavirus

  • Cornerstone – Guild meeting for September 14 is on the church calendar.  Will be in touch with Cornerstone in case of changes.
  • Community North room – not available until 2021.
  • Library – space not available through the rest of 2020.
  • No response yet from Delaware Township community center on space availability.
  • April will go to the fairgrounds to see about a room for holding meetings.

Committee Reports:

Membership:   The guild currently has 176 paid members.  There are 22 members that have not rejoined (unpaid 2020 dues).  No one has yet to be removed from the guild roster.  The names of the 22 people will be reviewed on a case by case basis at the next board meeting.  Suggestions made concerning membership: add a category for Facebook only members for people who are unable to physically attend meetings, these individuals would not receive member pricing for classes or workshops.   Extend membership dues to cover 2021 (discuss again in fall).  Proposed a meet and greet in the park for new members to be planned by hospitality.

Programs:  Chris Behme   Last skills workshop by video. Workshops will be rescheduled for later this fall.  June/July workshop was canceled.  June tote class was streamed and 7 people attended in person.  August/September skill share is still planned.  Proposed to Zoom speaker presentations for 2021.  Could then invite some major names pay the presentation fee but will not have travel expenses.  

Update on 2020 retreat planning: Diane Lockman   Proposal to cancel retreat for 2020 and move it to late spring/ early summer of 2021.

Children’s Charity: Lois LeVine   Little dresses for Africa on hold until the fall. Tummy Time received quilts.  Next set of baby quilts will be given to the Linus program.  Damar needs pillowcases.  Will post on Facebook the different needs for the children charities.  

Community North: Diane Dimpfl Currently holding fabric in her garage for people to pick up for Community North quilts.  Diane can continue to bring home fabric from the Community North room to offer for pick up.   Will not have an in-person quilt show this year.  Will be a virtual quilt show with pictures set to music 

Steals and Deals:  Carlene Clark Potential of a garage sale in August. 

BOM:  Judy Ireland, Sally Sandilands  BOM program will continue.

Communication: Diane Lockman will continue to update the calendar.  If you see an issue with the calendar please contact Diane.

Hospitality: Laura Anderson   Discussion concerning changes that may need to happen to address health and safety when we begin to meet again in person.  May have a cooler with bottled water available for meetings.  Discussed outdoors meet and greet.  Discussions concerning the Christmas Party will continue.  Will still do fat quarter birthday cupcakes but will not have singing at meetings.  Show and tell will have individuals carry their own quilts.  

Sunshine:  Ellen Hanson   Still need membership to send names so cards can be sent out. 

Nominating Committee:  Alice  Committee made a list of names, contacted individuals and have completed nominating individuals to fill positions for next year.

Submitted by Ilene Cohen

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