Jelly Roll HSTs

Do you love Jelly Rolls? Do you love HSTs? Well here’s a wonderful video explaining how to make HSTs out of your Jelly Rolls easy and accurate! National Quilters Cirlce is a wonderful resource for all quilters, beginner and expert. HSTs are a great block to use to build designs with. The use of light to dark tones in your fabrics creates a wealth of layout options to make stunning quilts. I bet you’ve seen quite a few HSTs in all the lovely quilts our members have created over the years. This bright version by Judy Schaff shows how you can use large squares to make a quick and colorful project.

Melissa Schulman used HSTs with a little twist to frame a lovely panel. The larger HSTs have a thin background stripe between them, how striking that HST becomes with that filler. In looking at all the HST Four Patches you will see they are not consistent in their diagonal direction placement. Some create the image of a square in a square, and some have their slant going in the same direction, while others are very random.

What a great way to finish a panel. Just think of all the possibilities! You can make them all the same size, make them smaller, larger, Anything Goes! Not sure what size to make? Just start making sizes and lay them out along the edge of the panel until you have a piece long enough.


Susan Juffer shows how effective the dark/light pairing can be with HSTs arrange in a more traditional layout. Sometimes a uniform setting can be a great way to show of those precise HSTs. But the nice thing about HSTs is, they can create just about any look you want to achieve. From traditional to modern, the simple HST does it all!

What’s your favorite layout for HSTs?

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