January Board Minutes

The meeting was held on January 31, 2020 at 1:30 pm at the Fishers Library.

Attending: Laura Anderson, Chris Behme, Carlene Clark, Ilene Cohen, Ellen Hanson, Judy Ireland, Pat Jones, Amy Klozden, Lydia Lander, Lois LeVine, Marion Newell, Tameria O’Dell, Donna Reimer, Elizabeth Sampson, Lissa Shanahan, April Sterling, Alice Whitaker.

The meeting was called to order by April Sterling.  The minutes from the November 1, 2019 meeting were approved as written. 

Treasurer’s Report: Tameria O’Dell 

  • Budget numbers were reviewed and updated by committee chairs.  Updated budget allocations were approved.
  • The new reimbursement form which includes information on which committee to charge and the signature of that committee chair is working well and is located on the website. 
  • Budget spreadsheet was updated moving postage allocations from Hospitality to Sunshine, the Christmas party to Hospitality, and combining workshop and speaker fees into one category.
  • There has been partial reimbursement ($400) for the Christmas Party however additional receipts are expected to be submitted.
  • Money has been moved to savings to cover potential room meeting costs. 

Committee Reports:

Membership:   (Marion Newell) The guild currently has 187 members.  Fourteen new members joined in January.  After the January meeting 134 had paid the 2020 dues.  After the February meeting reminders will go out that dues must be paid by March 2020.  After the March meeting members who have not paid their 2020 dues will be removed from the membership roster.

Tag Sale:  (Carlene Clark) Volunteers have filled the additional help needs.  The date has not yet been set for the 2020 Tag Sale.

Programs:  (Chris Behme)   Speakers or workshops have been set for 2020. The committee is looking for suggestions from guild members for the 2021 program.  New for 2020 skill sharing classes on sewing/quilting are being offered on the third Thursday of each month to guild members.  

Charity: (Lois LeVine)   There was a great turnout at Community North sewing for kids.  A quarterly quilting bee for kids has been planned at the Fishers Library for 20 March, 5 June and 18 September.  As yet there is no budget for this event. Information on this bee should be added to Facebook.  Tummy Time and Linus programs are being considered for addition to the existing list of charities supported by the guild.  In order to provide recognition for donation of items for children, the monthly meeting agenda will include time for kid donation items to be shown to the guild, as a group. 

Hospitality: (Laura Anderson)   The Christmas Party was a great success.  The budget was adjusted to cover the cost of fat quarters and party supplies.  The committee will also accept donations of good quality fat quarters, candles and cupcake paper holders.

Newsletter:  (Lissa Shanahan)   Will send copies of word document to Diane Lockman, Amy Klozden and April Sterling.

BOM:  (Judy Ireland)   Committee budget was set and can be used for making copies of instructions or providing focus fabric.

Sunshine:  (Ellen Hanson)   Need help from membership to acquire timely information to send out cards.  Suggestion was made to create a link on the website to Ellen’s email.  Donation of cards always welcome

Facebook:  (Amy Klozden)   Let Amy know of events to update and add reminders for members about Sunshine and upcoming speakers and workshops, and for posting information on upcoming Quilt shows. April spoke about posting our guild events to other guild Facebook pages.  There was a suggestion to add a list of needed donation items to the website and Facebook.

Old Business

  • Pins: 100 pins have been ordered.  They are being shipped from China and the delivery date is unknown.
  • Flyer (yellow handout): 100 printed for winter edition.  Will add Riverview information.
  • Meet and Greet: February 14 scheduled at Diane Lockman’s 
  • Retreat 2020: No sign up yet for Shipshewanna.  There will not be a bus for this event.
  • Bus Trip 2021: We have two volunteers who will plan the trip. They’d like to get organized before we announce their names.

New Business:

Quilters Day Out February 28th to Quilts Plus and Not Your Average Quilter was Announced in the President’s Letter. 


April has requested that committee chairs send a list of their members to Diane Lockman for updating the website. 

There was a discussion about the request for a free sewing class to be offered on Saturdays by the guild.  There were concerns about the number of days being committed too as well as the age group and the liabilities of having individuals under the age of 18 attend.  There will be follow up on these issues.

Compiled by Ilene Cohen.

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