Inaugural Challenge Quilt

courtesy of Pixel1 on pixabay

Join in on the fun as we host our very first “Inaugural Challenge Quilt.”

Each participant will select a crayon. The color of that crayon will need to comprise at least 1/3 of the finished project. The theme of the quilt must relate to a star.  Participants are encouraged to create a quilt design as literal or as abstract as they choose.

Quilt Requirements

  • Quilts must be of an original design
  • Quilts must be no smaller than a 20” square and no larger than a 30”

To qualify for judging, a quilt must be pieced, quilted, and bound.

Quilts will be judged by member vote at the June 11th Guild meeting.  We will award 1st , 2nd , and 3rd places.


Contact April Sterling at 317-452-3400 or Alice Whitaker at 757-903-5198.

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