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If you do not have your login credentials or have lost them, please contact us for assistance.

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A “Remember Me” checkbox can be found on the Log In form. If checked your browser will keep you logged in for 14 days.  If unchecked you’re logged out when you quit the browser, or after two days.

Email Change

Your email address is your key to logging into this site.  If you change your email address you must inform MQG of your new address.  You will receive new log in credentials including a new password.  However, if you prefer, you can change the password back to something you can remember.  See instructions below.

Lost Password

To keep your login secure, all passwords are encrypted on this site.  That means no one on our staff can view your password to remind you what it is.  If you lose your password, it must be replaced either by a staff member or reset by you.  Doing it yourself is quicker.

On the login page, click the link “Lost Password” and follow the instructions.

If, after performing each of the steps above you are still unable to log in.  Please contact us for assistance.