From the President’s Desk – November

My goodness! Can you believe it is November, and Christmas is just around the corner? There are so many things to do in the next few weeks, and our Mudsock calendar is full. 

We have our regular meeting on November 12, and a workshop in the afternoon with Heather Givans. We will have our Community quilting bee the following week, and then our quilt show on November 17. I can’t wait to see all those beautiful quilts on display!

Alice Whitaker hosted the first “Meet and Greet” at her home on October 26. It was a lovely morning and we all got to meet some new members and hear their quilt journey stories. We have some experienced quilters and some new ones!  Thank you to Alice and all the “old” members that attended to welcome our newer members.

There are so many great ideas to make our meetings more informative and fun, and give us all more time to socialize. Be sure to check the tables and bulletin board on your way into the meeting to find out what‘s new.  Membership dues are due, so remember to put your payment of $25 in an envelope with your name on it to give to the ladies at the membership table.  Your membership card will be prepared for you to pick up at the next meeting.

The meeting this month will be at Cornerstone Lutheran Church. Please remember to bring food pantry items as a thank you for allowing us to use their facility. We also have the opportunity to donate to a toy drive at the church for the holidays. Check the Mudsock website for more information about that. There will not be sewing at the church in the afternoon since we have the workshop. We will be going to lunch after the meeting, so plan to join other members if you are available.

Happy sewing and see you all at the next meeting! 

Sandy Metzger

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