From the President’s Desk – MAY

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Well, do you think it is ever going to be spring? I have been getting a lot done in my sewing room because it has been too cold to go outside. My friends from Michigan have been keeping me busy quilting all the quilts they made during the winter. Now I need to get some of my own projects done!

The meeting this month will again be at Cornerstone Lutheran Church at 13450 E. 116th Street, Fishers. Our meeting time is unchanged at 9:30-11:30 am. We did a trial run last month which went well except for some confusion about staying to sew in the afternoon. Alice has been working with the church and has gotten all the “kinks” worked out. We will be able to stay to sew at the church, but the front door will be locked from 1 pm until 4 pm. It is recommended to pack your own lunch or get something quickly after the meeting so you are back at the church before the door locks at 1 pm. We will be able to open the door (from the inside) for Mudsock members, but not for anyone else to enter the church. Please remember to bring food pantry items as a thank you for allowing us to use their facility. If you want to donate cash instead of bringing food items, they will be happy to accept that at the desk.

We had a board meeting on April 26, and much of our discussion centered around amending our bylaws to more effectively meet the needs of our growing quilt guild. We discussed changing the duties of the vice president and moving the programming duties into a separate position. Planning for programs requires a lot of work and planning 1-2 years in advance to get many speakers. We would appreciate input from members on how program chair/ planning was handled in other quilt guilds of which you have been a part. If you would like to give input, please email me before our next meeting and I will try to compile the ideas before then.

Don’t forget all of our activities in progress like Block of the Month, our Inaugural Quilt Challenge and planning for the retreat in September. Remember to check the website for updates. Please also check your contact information to be sure it is up to date, and if not, let membership know any necessary changes.

Happy sewing and see you all at the next meeting!

Sandy Metzger

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