From the President’s Desk – August

Happy August!  It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over already! Time to get out our fall projects and get them done. I heard that the Christmas in July presentation last month was wonderful. Sorry I missed it, but many thanks to Joanne Fishburn, Alice Whitaker and others who presented ideas for Christmas gifts.

I want to thank all of my friends who supported me through my cataract surgery last month. I am so grateful for the many texts and offers of help! Thankfully, my surgeries went well and I now have 2 new eyes!!! I wasn’t able to go outside much (it was too bright!), so I stayed inside and quilted. I can find just about any excuse to quilt!

We will be finalizing the nominations for the Mudsock board at the next meeting. Elections will be in September. Please contact me or anyone on the current board if you are interested in being an officer or want to chair or participate in a committee. We have many new members, and the best way to meet people is to get involved, so please consider participating in committees or activities other than the meetings.

The meeting this month will be at Cornerstone Lutheran Church. Our meetings for the rest of the year, unless otherwise posted, will be at Cornerstone. Please remember to bring food pantry items as a thank you for allowing us to use their facility. We will be staying to sew for the afternoon, so bring along a project and supplies and join us.

Happy sewing and see you all at the next meeting!

Sandy Metzger

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