February Meeting and Show N’ Tell

The February Meeting was all about the love!! Our Hearts were full of it, for quilting and community, and our BOM wall was also full of the love, for Split Hearts! We had 56 hearts turned in and 6 winners were able to take home blocks. 

Our speaker, Connie Lancaster from Quilts Plus, went first and shared her shop class on bindings. We had a real live demonstration projected on to a screen so we could watch her prep her quilt for binding, cut the binding, and attach the binding. We had a few quirks in the system, and a few hands were involved in the process, but it was lovely to see the guild try something new to share knowledge with the members. Thank you Program Committee for a wonderful program! And thank you Connie for bringing your presentation and quilt products for us to shop!

After a brief intermission we got back to the meeting and we had a full presentation of our talented quilters’ items. Amazing!!!

Jana B’s exquisite quilt

Jana Ball’s own design

Debbie D’s Kimberbell Love Notes

Debbie D’s Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt 

Marcia C’s Snowman and Stars

Marcia C’s Winter Ice Snowflake

Maureen H’s Drawstring Bag

Maureen H’s Donation Quilt

Diane D’s Flower Panel

Linda W’s graphic quilt

Linda H’s Wonky quilt

Sally S’s Conversation Hearts

Sally S’s Floating Eight

Sorry I don’t remember who made these Hockey Shirt quilts

Please claim your quilt! 

Guest Melissa’s shirtings quilt

Guest Melissa’s 2nd shirtings quilt

Kevin D’s By Annie Case In Point

Amanda S’s retreat quilt

The back used up leftovers

Patti K’s Madison fabric

Patti K’s Hearts charity quilt

Mary B’s State Park fabric quilt

Mary B’s embroidered quilt

Sorry, I don’t remember the quilter! But it’s an awesome quilt!
Debbie E’s baby quilt

Becky M’s redo of a binding

Pat C’s Feb BOM placemat…..

with a reverse side March

Sue F’s leftovers bonus quilt

From her husband’s quilt! 

Sharon J’s neat quilt

Diane D’s Christmas Tree 

The back of Diane D’s quilt
 Stephanie E’s flimsy 

Susan J’s quilt for her grandson

Susan J’s baby quilt 

Sandy M’s selvedge quilt 

Sandy M’s Suculent Garden Quilt

The back using up the leftovers!

Lois L’s Suculent flimsy

Laurie F’s Suculent flimsy

Laurie F’s Heart of Squares

Laurie F’s braided edged panels

Lisa S’s Scrapy quilt

Lisa S’s finish of a baby quilt 

Louise C’s Heart quilt

Louise C’s drawstring bag

Kerrie G’s quilt for her husband

The back of Kerrie’s quilt

Kerrie G’s Jelly Roll quilt

Rosa C’s Quilting 101 flimsy

Peggy F’s Accu-Cut baby flimsy

2 thoughts on “February Meeting and Show N’ Tell

  1. It was my goal to get to the meeting and join the group for my sister and myself, but with just enough time to spare I was able to view the latter part of the binding demo and watch the show & tell (wonderful!) while visiting a couple of tables to see what was going on there, and I felt so happy leaving and looking forward to being a part of what I think will be an amazing adventure!

  2. Thank you Maggie! We are so glad you were able to get there for a bit. We are having a Meet N Greet at a member’s home on February 20th, if you would like to attend let me know and I can get you the details. I think you may have tried to join through the website? We had an issue with the application form but it is now working correctly. However you are able to join we look forward to meeting you.
    I do believe you were sitting at the back, down from my grand-daughter and I? She was the busy Miss who walked me all over the back of the sanctuary. LOL

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