Jelly Roll Race Community Sewing Event

Come and join us for the 3rd Monday Community Sewing Day at Community North Health Pavilion. In honor of the Indianapolis 500 the May sewing date is being driven by the Storeroom ladies for a race to the finish! What kind of finish? A Fabric Finish. Be the first to finish sewing all your fabric strips together and you will be crowned Miss Jelly Roll! OK, so maybe that doesn’t have quite the right tone, so how about Miss Racey Quilter? Hmm, that is definitely not what we’re going for here, how about Miss Mudsock?

The Charity committee and volunteers will be busy cutting strips from the storeroom fabrics to kit up for your use in the Run for the Roses, no, that’s the Kentucky Derby. It’s the Run for the Brickyard? Whatever we call it, just know that your participation will help us to create tops for donation to our various charities. If you want to make a Community Health quilt use the full kit to race to the finish, your top should end up around 50″x60″. If you would like to make some kid’s charity tops, separate your kit into 20 strips each and sew them together to make 2 tops, finish size about 33″x50.

To participate, please contact Chris Behme or Sally Sandilands, or you can sign up at any of the meetings. We need to get an idea of how many sewers we will have to be sure we can secure a large enough area for sewing. We will be sewing at Community Health North Pavilion on May 16th, 2022 from 9:30 am until we run out of strips!

If you want to use a kit from the storeroom please let us know so we can prepare enough kits. Kits will be available at the Racetrack the day of the race. If you want to cut your own, please do, whether it’s storeroom or personal fabric. Once your top is sewn you can pick up fabric for borders, batting, and backing at the storeroom to finish your quilt. For tips or help in completing the quilt, come back to the Delaware Sew Bee on May 25th, or the next Charity Bee sewing day, and someone will be happy to help you with the details. If you need quilting done, check out our list of long arm charity quilters for a willing victim, I mean volunteer! Just remember, all finished quilts will be donated for use by the Mudsock Charity committees.

At the end of the race some lucky quilters will receive prizes, obviously one for the first one to cross the finish line. But we may have prizes for the “First one in the pits”, due to running out of bobbin. Or a prize for Mechanical Failure, flat tire-thrown piston-broken spark plug? Ultimately the real winners are all of the participants who can feel good about providing a comforting quilt to patients in their time of need.

Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Sewing Machines!!!

Masks are required to enter the building and while in the public areas of the building, but not required while in the sewing room.

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