Quilt the Vote!

Wait, that’s not quite right, but hey, we’re going with it! It will be that time soon. Time to vote for new officers tasked with the job of leading the guild through 2022! To help you with this task I would like to introduce you to the slate of quilters who have were voluntold, I mean, volunteered, to fill the vacancies.

Stepping forward for the position of President is Becky Moore> Could we imagine a more fun and lively person for President than our own Becky? I don’t think so. She is sure to lead the guild in laughs and hilarity. I wonder what kind of campaign promises she will make?

Offering to serve with Becky in the VP spot is Bonnie Dannenberg. Bonnie has been in a the guild a few years and brings a wonderful, sweet personality to the guild. She will be such an encouraging VP, there to lend a hand wherever needed.
Melissa Schulman will continue on as Secretary, and glad we are. She is such a gem! Besides keeping our meetings recorded, she also is our Steals and Deals chairperson. Melissa is a go-getter who doesn’t seem to slow down! You can also find her taking part in fun runs/walks!
For Programs we get double the fun! Jayne Gates and Vickie Smith will be in charge of our activities in 2022, and what a duo they make. Jayne doesn’t seem to find a challenge she can pass up, learning new skills and trying things out of the box! Vickie brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the job having been an instructor at Quilt Expressions for many years. They will bring a fresh, yet storied perspective to booking speakers for our programs and workshops.
And since the Programs committee needs to be a training situation, to help the future committee chairs learn the ropes, Becky Morello and Cheri Wenger have stepped up to the challenge of learning how to provide us with a fun list of speakers for 2023. They will intern under the 2022 Committee Chairs. Becky and Cheri are more recent members that haven’t been shy about getting involved. You will see more of them in 2022 as they work in step with Jayne and Vickie.
The nice thing about our voting system in the guild is, we don’t have to listen to debates, TV ads, or worry about our mailbox being inundated with political ads. These positions are politics free! They are just all for the good of the guild and these ladies are sure to be nothing but the best!

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