March Board Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2021

Attendance: Ann Ricciardelli, Elizabeth Sampson, April Sterling, Julie Putman, Susan Juffer, Lydia Lander, Elizabeth Shanahan, Melissa Schulman (Secretary)

Ann Ricciardelli called meeting to order at 1:35pm. Minutes from January 25th, 2021 reviewed and approved.

Treasurer report: Reported by Ann R.

Julie asked if $1,000 for hospitality includes fat quarters for the cupcakes. April says yes. Julie Putman asked about the Christmas party expenses from 2019 since we did not have one in 2020.

The January-February treasurer’s report shows Steals N Deals made $532. With March proceeds included, the amount is $1,269.

Presidents Report:
Had 71 or 73 members at the March zoom meeting. People have enjoyed the speakers as evidenced by comments on Facebook.

BOM – has about 24 people per month participating. Important to post yours to keep people interested.

Garage sale – great turn out at the sale. Set up well. Thanks to Melissa for doing so much work and letting everyone shop at her home.

Sew-ins – A regular group of about 10 -15 people attend the events. These are going well.

Show and Tell – Would like more people to submit their pictures for show and tell at the meetings. Would help keep people interested and connected.

April asked about updating the Mudsock meeting information and sending It out with the newsletters so not everyone has to speak at the meetings. That way new members can find out all the information without the meetings going too long. Ann agreed and will update.

Zoom meetings will end in May and we are planning to meet at Holland park in June. The Church is still not accepting groups to meet inside. Ann also looked into some other options.

Ignite Studio at the Fishers Library is now available for up to 20 people including staff.

Delaware township is available – some people have been meeting there the 3rd Thursday of the month on their own.

Breakout rooms and Zoom meetings – Ann asked what we thought of the break out rooms. She may put them at the end of the meetings so people can leave if they choose.

Some members are not able to get into the meetings easily and some are not getting into the breakout rooms. We had a discussion of how to handle this going forward. Should we do a practice zoom meeting with breakout rooms to help people? Should there be one text number for point of contact for people having trouble? Should we set up a Zoom buddy to help? Should we make a tech squad to help people with some issues? There obviously are some issues that are not zoom related and we can only do so much.

Amy Klodzen texted asking how members find out about the Facebook group? April said the membership committee tells them about it. Ann will find out for sure.

Ann asks the board to please respond to emails so she can get feedback from the group when needed.

Ann brought up what we should do when we meet in the park regarding masks and social distancing. Everyone agreed we should follow CDC and Fishers guidelines. We will t make this clear to everyone before we meet.

Membership: Reported by Ann R.

We have about 176 paid members and 146 on Facebook. We had two new members at the last meeting.

Programs and Speakers: Reported by: Lydia and Elizabeth

The April meeting will feature Gudrun Erla from GE Designs. The contract we signed says the meeting should start at 10:30 and Gudrun will host the meeting on her Zoom account. After some discussion we agreed to do the presentation starting at 10:30, then continuing with our monthly meeting on her Zoom account.

Gudrun will send us her link a week before the meeting. We need to remove the original meeting link on the website and replace it with the new presentation link when it is received.

One stipulation is that people cannot sit together and watch. Each person needs to sign into the presentation link. They can be in the same room but both need to be signed on to Zoom. This is the way the contract is written. We need to make sure everyone knows this and aren’t surprised the day of the meeting.

Vickie Smith and Kathy Staples have agreed to host a Quilt Along in May based on a GE Designs pattern.

Lydia was happy to report that Vickie Smith and Jayne Gates will be taking over programs for next year. They are already learning and preparing for 2022. Lydia asked about the extra money that got rolled over from 2020. We will have some leftover this year as well. Can it be combined with next year ‘s budget? Susan Juffer said we are doing well and will have enough for next year even without the carry over. April reported that Laura Anderson said we cannot carry over from previous year but budget more for the money to plan for programs.

Website: Report by Ann R.

Website looks good. Chris has done a great job. Chris would like to get someone to learn her role this year to take over for next year. It was suggested that we might ask Chris if she would stay on for one more year.

Newsletter: Reported by: Elizabeth Shanahan

Lissa needs all information for the newsletter 8-10 days before the meeting since she sends it out 2 Sundays ahead of time.

Steals N Deals: Reported by Melissa Schulman

We are done with the garage sales for now. Everything has been moved inside. Anne Hart helped separate out what should be donated. We got rid of most of the “other” (non-cotton) kind of fabric, various other craft items, sewing patterns, panels and books. Everything else will sit for now and maybe can do another sale in late April or early May. Need to see how things are going to see if we resume this at the meetings.

Retreat Information: Reported by Susan Juffer

Susan contacted Sally Sandilands about creating a BOM for the retreat. Sally has a block called Circle of Friends. Sally and the BOM members will create this for the weekend with kits ready for everyone.
Susan liked the name of the block and was wondering if we could call the retreat the same name?
Cost for the retreat is $65 which covers one meal and the sewing rooms we will use. We have 60 rooms reserved right now. Susan asked if maybe a few more people could volunteer to help. Will start taking money next month.

Hospitality: Reported by Julie Putman

September 12th is the 10th anniversary of Mudsock.
We discussed what special things we could do at the September meeting such as cake, balloons, party favors, fat quarters? We could recognize the original members and ask them to attend if they are still in the area. We could also recognize anyone who has been a member for all 10 years. Discussion of getting some swag for the members to buy – shirts, decals, etc.…
Lydia spoke here and said the Challenge Quilt for this year will be based on the anniversary. The challenge quilt will be proposed in June and revealed in September.

President final question:

How are things going?

Julie responded and said she thinks the zoom meetings are going well. Making the best of this situation.

Lydia responded that she heard from some members and they appreciated the programs so far.

Ann also asked if we should do a Meet N Greet in June? Maybe have people stay after the meeting and bring your own food and drink and have a small group discussion.

New Business:

Next board meeting – June 11th at 1:30. Location to be determined.

June meeting plan if weather is bad – go back to zoom meeting.

Adjourned meeting at 3:10

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