Community Sewing

Today’s Community Charity Sewing day saw a light but dedicated crew come out for sewing. It looks like it was either piecing or sandwiching was going on. 

Cheri Wenger and Sally Sandilands were working on finishing their charity quilts, from bold brights to soft pastels. 

Diane Dimpfl and Wanda Feder were busy piecing their tops. 

Don’t forget, you still have time to turn in any quilts for Community. If you would like to have them in the Mudsock Community North Quilt Show have your quilts ready to turn in by November 9th to the storage room at Community North Pavilion on Cumberland and 146th. If you want to make sure they are done for distribution on Christmas Morning, please turn them in by December 7th, also to the storage room. 

Thank you to all the members who have worked diligently on quilts, whether you pieced, quilted, or organized in the storage room, your contributions are greatly appreciated! 

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