Photo by Charlo Garcia

We have several committees that help keep the guild going, consider joining one today! Please refer to the Members page to find contact information for the committee chairs.

Hospitality: Julie Putman is the head of this committee for 2021. Her crew normally make us feel welcome and provide a snack to nourish us during the meetings. At this time our Zoom format means we each get to provide our own snacks. Once we meet in public again the Hospitality team will make sure we feel at home!

Membership: Wanda Feder is watching over our membership. This group keeps track of our paid members and monthly visitors. They keep a tally of attendance and let us know when it’s time to pay dues.

Programs: Lydia Lander and Elizabeth Sampson are in charge of the 2021 Program Committee. These gals plan our monthly events and workshops, bringing in presenters who share their love of quilting with us. The first half of 2021 will be held via Zoom and we are going to enjoy some wonderful presenters through our online meetings. If you like to be in on planning programs and workshops please contact these ladies to join their team.

Charity: We have several charities and organizations that we support with our quilts and time.
Diane Dimpfl is in charge of the Community Health Charity Quilting and keeps track of the supplies donated to the guild for quilt making. See information here.
Lois Levine is in charge of the Tummy Time, Quilts for Kids, and Daymar Pillowcase charity sewing. More information can be find here.

Block of the Month: Headed by Sally Sandilands and Linda Garzinski this committee is by far the most fun! They bring us our monthly Block instructions and then collect and present the finished block at the next meeting. The blocks are then given to the lucky winners of the name drawing. Committee members share the work of presenting the monthly block and explaining its construction. Committee members are: Allen Baker, Samantha Berry, Loralei Campbell, Marlene Dabels, Bonnie Dannenberg, Jayne Gates, June Koeske, Becky Morello, Judy Schaff, Melissa Schulman

Website: Chris Behme is the Admin for the website. This committee runs the Mudsocks website making sure information is up-to-date. If you enjoy website building please consider being a part of the team.

Sunshine: Ellen Hanson is the lead lady on this committee. Her crew includes: Samantha Berry, Barbara Broadlick, Mary Kraft. Lynn Hupp, Linda Richey, April Sterling.  These ladies provide our members with cards for birthdays, get well, and sympathy events. If you know of anyone who could use a note let them know.

Steals and Deals: This committee is in charge of member donated goods that are offered for purchase during meetings. During the months we are having Zoom meetings the committee chair, Melissa Schulman, will be offering garage sales at her home for the members to shop for stash! Look for the dates to be posted on the website and Facebook group.

Retreats/Quilt Shows: Susan Juffer is in charge of this year’s Fall Retreat. She can use help on several committees to help plan this fun event!

Social Media: Amy Klodzen is the Admin for our Facebook page. She provides access for new members and monitors content on our social media sites.