We have several committees that help keep the guild going, consider joining one today! Please refer to the Members page to find contact information for the committee chairs.

Hospitality: Laurie F is the head of this committee. Hospitality helps to set up for the meetings and the Annual Christmas Luncheon. Additional duties are Quarterly Meet And Greets for new members. Date and location will be announced at the meeting for these gatherings.  

Membership: Wanda F is watching over our membership. This group keeps track of our paid members and monthly visitors. They keep a tally of attendance and let us know when it’s time to pay dues.

Programs: Cheri W and Becky M have set up a great year of speakers and events for 2023. The Co Chairs for 2024, Marsha C and Sue F, are busy learning the duties and will assist the 2023 Co-Chairs. During the meetings and workshops the Program Committee can use helpers, so be sure to offer your services if you are interested.

Charity: We have several charities and organizations that we support with our quilts and time.
Community North Charity Quilting: This committee is being broken up into several branches as it has grown to be a large endeavor. 

The Co-Chair for Community North Hospital is Dianne Da, The Chair will be Diane Di.  Pat J will stay on this committee as an extra and help with accounting and other details.

Community Charity Bee contact person will be Tameria O.  If you have any questions regarding the sewing room, please contact her.

Community Store Room team is Sally S and Linda G. They keep the donation fabrics in line and offer us kits, backing, and battings to make the wonderful donation quilts for Community. The Candy Store also has supplies for the Children’s Charities we provide for. 

Quilt Show Chair is Linda W, Val B, and Louise C

Lois L is in charge of the Tummy Time, Quilts for Kids, and Damar Pillowcase charity sewing. More information can be find here.
Sally Y is in charge of the Pillowcase Bags collected to distribute to kids entering Foster Care or being removed from their homes. More information here.

Block of the Month: Sharon J and Kerrie G are Co-Chairs for this fun committee.  They bring us our monthly Block instructions and then collect them at the next meeting where they are raffled to lucky winners of the name drawing. Committee members share the work of presenting the monthly block and explaining its construction.

Website: Chris B and June K are Admins for the website. This committee runs the Mudsocks website making sure information is up-to-date. If you enjoy website building please consider being a part of the team. For help with log in, info changes, and Calendar items contact June. Chris handles the guild activity and event articles, so be sure to pass on any news or photos you would like shared. 

Sunshine: Ellen H is the lead lady on this committee. Her crew includes: Samantha B, Barbara B, Mary K. Lynn H, Linda R, April S.  These ladies provide our members with cards for birthdays, get well, and sympathy events. If you know of anyone who could use a note let them know.

Steals and Deals: This committee is in charge of member donated goods that are offered for purchase during meetings. Melissa S is the current Chair and is looking for someone to come on board this year to learn the ropes and take over in 2024. 

Retreats/Quilt Shows: Anne H is planning a great year for our guild. Further information will be provided at the Guild meetings.

Social Media: Amy K is the Admin for our Facebook page. She provides access for new members and monitors content on our social media sites.

Gmail: Martha C is our new Gmail Monitor. She can help you send out important messages to the guild at large.