Charitable Donations – Children/Baby Quilts

At the June Guild meeting, we voted on charities and made our selection of the ones we wanted to donate to.  We will collect the items at each Guild meeting in a special container labeled for the appropriate charity. 


Damar serves mostly boys age 6-18 with autism.

We will donate all of our pillowcases (standard size pilllows) to brighten up their personal space.  Laura Anderson will be your point of contact should you have any questions. 

Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope in Noblesville needs blankets for each child placed in foster care.  Our blankets will be kept in Hamilton County.  Contact Maxine Constantine and Sally Young with any questions.

Touch of Love

Riverview Hospital’s Touch of Love Program will take pieced as well as tied quilts (just not tied with yarn).  Prefer baby blankets to be 32×32” and no bigger than 36×36.”  Will also take crochet or knit baby blankets.  Contact Maxine Constantine or Sally Young with questions.


Birthright International provides non-judgmental support for girls and women who are distressed with an unplanned pregnancy.  The blankets will be given to mothers to let them know they are loved and prayed for.  Contact Maxine Constantine or Sally Young with questions.

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