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No Peeking, April!!

We need to get started on the president blocks for April Sterling, which is a tradition we want to continue. For those unfamiliar with this practice, members of the guild are invited to make a quilt block for the outgoing president as a thank you for their leadership. Needless to say, April has more than held her own as our president in a very unusual and trying year. 

To make a block, you need to get a packet with a background square and the printed instructions. It is a simple applique read more

Smile, Beautiful!

If you haven’t had your photo taken yet for the website, we’ve got you covered! Meet us at the front window during the break at each meeting, and we’ll take your picture. And if we already have your photo but you’d like an update, come on over. 🙂

Thanks, Cornerstone!

Every month Cornerstone Lutheran graciously hosts our Guild meetings at no charge. Please show your gratitude by bringing food pantry contributions, or make a small suggested $ 1.00 donation from your piggy bank.

Thanks so much!