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*March & April Events Cancelled*

Announcement from the Mudsock Quilters Guild Board

We have decided to cancel all of our April events. This may not be too surprising, based on the current state of affairs, but we do know it’s still disappointing that we won’t have an opportunity to be together. We want to acknowledge all the hard work that Chris Behme has done planning programs and workshops that are now being sidelined. We hope more of her great programs will be back on the calendar soon. We don’t know when the social distancing read more

Upcoming Programs

Are you ready to have some sewing fun? Be sure to sign up at our April meeting for upcoming Skill Share and Program Workshops.

APRIL 13th – Doris Goins “Quilt As Desired” — a great opportunity to get quilting ideas. Come with your own tops, UFOs, or even just a pattern you are making. Doris can advise you on your quilting approach. [April 13th; 1pm-4pm; $ 20 fee]

APRIL 14th – “Ten read more

Smile, Beautiful!

If you haven’t had your photo taken yet for the website, we’ve got you covered! Meet us at the front window during the break at each meeting, and we’ll take your picture. And if we already have your photo but you’d like an update, come on over. 🙂

Thanks, Cornerstone!

Every month Cornerstone Lutheran graciously hosts our Guild meetings at no charge. Please show your gratitude by bringing food pantry contributions, or make a small suggested $ 1.00 donation from your piggy bank.

Thanks so much!