Board Meeting Minutes

The board meeting of the Mudsock Quilt Guild was held on 6/29/2018.  Sandy Metzger called the meeting to order.

Those in attendances were as follows:  Sandy Metzger, Lissa Shanahan, Diane Peterson, April Sterling, Lois Levine, Alice Whitaker and Tameria O’Dell.

The Board Meeting minutes from April were accepted as read.

The Treasurer’s Report was distributed.  A question was asked about the collection of the dues for the year since it is a little low.  It was decided there had been a lot of prepaid dues before the end of 2017 year which are shown on the prior year Treasurer’s Report.    The Treasurer was not in attendance and will clarify at next meeting.

Sandy won’t be attending the next monthly meeting due to surgery and it will be conducted by April Sterling.

Nominating Committee:  Diane Peterson will lead this committee.  Others to be asked to be on the committee are Pat Adams, Becky Moore and Erica.  Diane will first ask for volunteers at the next monthly meeting, and then if enough volunteers are obtained they will begin by contacting the current board members to see if they want to keep their existing position or move to a different one.  This committee is a one month commitment.

By-laws-Committees now need a simple written committee report at the EOY to hand to the next person.  This should include the dollar amounts spent and “what has worked” as a committee.  There will be an overlap of the committee chairs due to the change in the election month in the by-laws.

Membership-No report

Hospitality-Birthday party will be the theme for the September meeting.  Will bring a cake and reimbursement for this was OK’d by Sandy.  Make a special invitation to Cindy Reynolds, one of our founders.  Alice will take care of this.  Alice will send invites to the other founders as well. 

Charity Suggestion-Lois will post new charity list on the website.  Sally and Maxine will handle the distribution.  The foster care items will stay in Hamilton County.

Diane Lockman-No report.  It was discussed that the website was looking good but need the heading to be changed to show the new meeting place is Cornerstone church.

Diane Peterson-The quilt show will be at Cornerstone.  Diane gave them the 10th and 17th of November to choose from.  They will get back to her after checking the church calendar.  We talked about having the tag sale there and also raffle a quilt.  We will ask church if that’s ok.  Hoping the Mayor’s office or village would let us advertise.  She will talk to Mayor about limited spaces for the non-profits meetings within Fisher’s. 

Lissa-Newsletter.  It will be out by Saturday.  Lissa talked about what to put in report to pass to next person.

Program-April Sterling passed out spreadsheet to track spending on programs.  We need to stay in budget of $1,500.00.  When we collect money and end up with extra it was decided by the board to keep that money for future programs.  Heather Givans needs an energetic volunteered at her workshop, April will look for one.  She has names of people who are available and is creating a database.  The $1,500.00 budgets for approximately 7 programs.  April is asking for $2,100.00 for the next budget year. 

Common Threads Quilt Guild could join us from McCordsville for the major programs that are more expensive.  Checking  with the Modern Quilt studio to see if we can get on their schedule.  She is working out ways to get this accomplished. 

Retreat- We could take 14 more people.  She is going to ask Common Threads if no one else steps forward in July

Block of the Month-No Report

New Member Welcome-Put this under Hospitality and membership to work together.  Diane suggested we specifically invite them to lunch when they are first time visitors.  Make sure the new person gets invited and knows where we are going.

Donations were made to the guild of fabric, notions, and 2 sewing machines in the case, cutting boards, and three bags of quilting books from an estate.  1950 mint condition Singer Featherweight machine.  Sandy looked online and saw that they go for $200-$400.  We could do a sealed bid with a minimum offer to sell it.  The other is a Huskavarna Viking, and it was decided to keep this in the Community store room for those people that can’t carry their machines in anymore. 

Meeting was adjourned at 2:28.

Tameria O’Dell, Secretary

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