Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held on September 18, 2020 at 9:30 AM.

The meeting was called to order by April Sterling.  

Previous board meeting minutes were read by April and approved.

President’s Comments: 

  • Thanks to all for helping to make this a good year with all the challenges the guild has faced.
    • The guild will try to work around individual decisions concerning attending “crowded” inside events.
    • To date attendance summary:  Zoom events – 45-55 attended, outside guild meeting – approx. 58 attended and indoor guild meeting – approx. 20 attended.
  • Committee Chairs please send year end summaries to April by early December.
    • If you are not interested in continuing chairing a committee next year please let April know to aid in transitioning to a new chair.

Committee Reports:

Membership:   The guild currently has 181 paid members.    No one has yet to be removed from the guild roster.  Board has approved the addition of Legacy membership.  This membership category will be available to members in good standing who can no longer physically attend meetings because of distance or chronic physical limitations.  These individuals will not be assessed yearly dues and will have access to the guild Facebook site and remain on the mailing list.  They will not be eligible for member pricing for classes and workshops and will have to pay guest fees for attendance at meetings with invited speakers.  

Paid 2020 membership dues will be extended to cover 2021 membership dues. 

There will be no check in for members at guild meetings.  Guests will still need to check in.

Programs:  Chris Behme   October skill share on jelly roll trivets and rugs will be presented by Lynn Summers.  Alice Ridge will talk on quilting at the Hardware Store and present classes on Sashiko and New York Beauty techniques.  November skill share will cover Graffiti quilting by Kristin Alfano and the guild meeting will have Back Door Quilts talk and offer a class on wool applique. 

Committee chair asked for help for hosting speakers for next year.

The new program committee will evaluate Zoom or other virtual teaching styles for next year’s presenters and classes.

  • More activity on Facebook and Zoom
  • Contact speakers to determine if classes will be virtual or in person

There was some concern about outdoor events going forward into fall weather.  Have the opportunity to meet in the large room at the church.  Will need to determine the limit on capacity.  Masks and social distancing will be required.  Indoor classes and workshops will need to have clear expectations on mask requirements and social distancing.

April encouraged people to form on their own small quilting bees.  Suggestion was made to form a committee for quilting bee development (a Bee Keeper) as an opportunity to meet in small groups. 

Suggestion was made for a monthly Zoom meeting – “What’s under your needle” as an opportunity for members to meet.  Could use the scheduled UFO day.

The board approved a Google Survey to be sent out to determine what guild members want as far as opportunities for safe engagement in guild activities.

Update on 2020 retreat planning: Diane Lockman   The retreat for 2020 has been canceled and is now planned for the same fall timeframe in 2021.

Charity: Diane Dimpfl:   93 quilts have been donated in 2020.  These quilts plus those left from last year put us on target for meeting the 2020 Community North quilt needs. No word as yet how delivery of the quilts will work this year.  Members can still make appointments for picking up fabric for the Community North quilts.  Diane asked that the Newsletter have information on how to turn in a Community North quilt.  Also, that the drop down link for donations on the website be made more obvious if possible.

Steals and Deals:  no update 

BOM:  321 blocks have been turned in and divided among 20 members whose names were drawn.  Sally Sandilands will chair the BOM program in 2021.

Communication: Diane Lockman asked for help with the website and Chris Behme volunteered for this role.  

Suggestion was made to send out message reminders to members for upcoming workshops and meetings.  This would be automatic and people would have to opt in to receive the text message reminders.  Might be a small fee to sign up for the application as an organization.   

Hospitality: Laura Anderson   Suggestions was made and approved for a Christmas panel challenge utilizing bolts for fabric donated to the guild.  Information on this challenge including the rules of the challenge and where to pick up fabric will be sent out to members and included in the Newsletter and on Facebook.  

Suggestions were also made for a Christmas block exchange, recipe exchange and/or “secrete Santa” events where members could choose to participate and then be matched up with another participant.

Suggestion was made to add a personal contact from the membership committee to reach out and welcome new members.  This might be able to be done through Facebook.   

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