Board Meeting Minutes

Mudsock Quilters Guild Board Meeting Notes

January 5th 2021
This meeting was held via Zoom at 9:30am
16 members were in attendance: Melissa Schulman, Ann Ricciardelli, April Sterling, Laura Anderson, Amy Klodzen, Elizabeth Sampson, Lissa Shanahan, Ellen Hanson, Diane Dimpfl, Sally Sandilands, Linda Garzynski, Susan Juffer, Chris Behme, Julile Putman, Lois Levine, Lydia Lander 

Meeting called to order by Ann Ricciardelli
September 2020 board meeting minutes were approved. 


Thank you to everyone for being on the board and helping get ready for 2021  I am very happy to be here even though we still have challenges. 

President – Ann Ricciardelli
Vice President – Susan Juffer
Treasurer – Laura Anderson
Secretary – Melissa Schulman


Damar, Quilts for Kids and Tummy Time Lois Levine spoke about the charities.
She reached out to Damar regarding the pillowcases.   They are still accepting the pillowcases.  They are asking for pictures and the number count so they can share with Damar.    We currently have 55 pillowcases.
Lois currently has all the pillowcases.    She asked if the board minded if she took some of the pillowcases and turned them into the drawstring bags and gave them to DCS.   The board said that was fine.    DCS donations are organized by Sally Young from the guild.
Quilts for Kids – Peyton Manning Hospital is currently not accepting any blankets.   We have 14 baby quilts and three crocheted that will be donated to Tummy Time. Lois said members can drop kid’s blankets at her home or she will meet somewhere to pick up from them.
Tummy Time, Quilts for kids and Damar pillowcases go to Lois.   The drawstring bags for DCS go through Sally Young. 

Community Hospital Sewing and Shopping

Diane Dimpfl spoke about Community and the TV segment that she was ask to do in December.  
There is children’s fabric in the community shopping room that anyone can use.  
Remarked how nice it is to hear from patients in the hospital that received one of our quilts.   Very uplifting to know they enjoyed it. 
All 264 quilts were handed out this year. They even ran out at the heart hospital.  Funding for next year will still be available. Expecting the same amount of $2,000 but will find out soon. 

Discussion of a roll of batting for the community shopping room for quilters to use while making donated quilts.    Decision was decided to increase the Charity budget number so we could purchase a bolt of batting.  This will be available to all quilters sewing for community.  

Little Dresses for Africa

Ann Ricciardelli reported that Alice Whitaker is putting Little Dresses for Africa on hold for now as there probably won’t be mission trips going this summer. 


Fall Retreat – Susan Juffer
The retreat is scheduled for Thursday September 16th   to Sunday September 19th.
Deposit for conference room already done. 
The rooms will be $389.00, based on two people per room and for all 3 days. 
There are 60 rooms reserved and will be held 30 days prior to retreat.  More details to follow.


Laura Anderson reported on the budget of 2020 compared to 2021.
Administrative:   $70.00
Zoom meeting expenses: $420.00 (new line item for 2021)
Advertising – $50.00 – new papers that we place at stores
BOM:   $200.00 – expenses for handouts
Charity – $300.00 – increase budget number to include the purchase of the batting
Facilities – $0.00 – Pull $4,800.00 from funds for facilities for future rental for meetings   
Steals N deals – $250.00 – Expense for show but did not have in 2020
Hospitality – $1,000.00 – did not spend as much in 2020.    May not spend as much this year for Birthday fat quarters through this line item. Decision to wait and do catch up for the birthdays    
Insurance – $550.00 – increase from last year.     
Meet N Greet – $200.00 – hostess can turn in receipts for hosting the meet and greet   leave for when we can do resume.
Membership – $100.00 – various expenses for cards, etc.…   185 paid members 
Miscellaneous expense – $0.00
Newsletter –It is on the website.  Chris mails one member a copy.
Postage / Sunshine – $200.00 cards and notes to people for birthday, wishing well or thinking of you
Quilt show – $0.00 Not budget number yet – mostly covered with the fees paid to attend
Workshops / Programs – $3,400.00.   Chris Behme said there is $900 dollars left from 2020 –   increase budget number to 3,400.    Spent $1,725 in the first 4 months for programs – changes with new ways to have the programs for the virtual meetings.  If more than 100 people attend a meeting the speak will charge an additional fee.
Website – $400.00   
There was a motion to pass the budget. Budget passed.

MEMBERSHIP:  We have 185 paid members.   We had 32 new members in 2020.   2020 dues will roll over through 2021 for existing members.   Some existing members paid for 2021, Ann suggested we refund their money.     Suggestion to start announcing new members Facebook and make contact with them.  Ann was thinking of sending notes to new members.    Are we sending new members a packet of information?   It is posted on the website – needs updated.  Just direct them to website instead of sending out paper.      Elizabeth Sampson inquired about us using the Remind app to set up events and remind members of information needed.   Everyone agreed this would be a useful application.

WEBSITE:  Chris Behme reported:   Diane Lockman turned over the ownership to her.  Making changes to refresh the content and keeping it user friendly.  Let Chris know about events so she can put on calendar.    Adding some new items to the website: Monthly Tip and quilt shop spotlights in Indianapolis and Indiana.     Will also put on Facebook.    Chris said she will ask in the January meeting for someone to join and learn to take over for next year. 

NEWSLETTER:  Lissa Shannahan – nothing to report

FACEBOOK:  Amy Klodzen reported:    Facebook going well.    Double checking before admitting people onto the Facebook group.    

SUNSHINE:  Ellen Hanson reported:   We have 5 committee members but would like 6 – April Sterling said she would join the committee.   Ellen is doing the sympathy cards and the other members are doing the birthday cards.   Need to make sure addresses are updated.   

PROGRAMS:   Lydia Lander and Elizabeth Sampson reported:  We have speakers planned thru May.  They are Zoom meeting speakers.    No workshops planned yet.    Would like to find someone to train and take over for next year.    Trying to figure out how to promote the speakers since we are not meeting.    Question:  How to promote and get people interested committees at meeting?    Just talk and promote the needs that we have

BLOCK OF THE MONTH:  Linda Garzynskii reported:   Thanks to Sally for setting up new process for doing the BOM at the zoom meetings.    Great turn out last month, 27 snowman blocks turned in and did drawing at the zoom meeting – 3 winners.    Had some new ones turned in from last month.   We have UFO blocks out there.  Can turn those in and will do a drawing for those.     We have 12 people on the committee this year.   Jayne Gates is a new member and is helping set up the zoom meeting for committee to stay in touch.  Will meet soon.    Several drop off locations.   The newsletter has all the information.  

HOSPITALITY:  Julie Putman reported:   Things are different right now due to COVID. No Meets or Greets.   Introduce birthdays and new members at the meetings on zoom.  Announce at meetings but keep it condensed.    Say HB to everyone but not say all the names.  

STEALS AND DEALS: Ann Ricciardelli reported:    Carlene is not able to continue anymore.   Need to find someone to chair this committee.   Not sure if we will have a public sale this year.    Thought – maybe April or May have garage sales for members only.    Maybe sort through and get rid of “junkie stuff” to reduce the bulk. 


Need a list of committee members and 2020 year-end report.
Need someone to help with the zoom calls.   
Survey – Members miss steals and deals, in person meetings and learning experiences the most.
Will organize a sew in for members – try to host events month.   


Next board meeting is March 12th at 1:30pm.   


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