August Program-2022 Challenge

The August meeting reveled the 2022 Challenge quilts the members were working on. The Challenge was to bring our First quilt we ever made and then show our interpretation of it in 2022. It didn’t have to be the same pattern, it could be anything that the maker wanted it to be. Some brought their First quilts to share, others didn’t have them to bring, and the rest brought both. 


Vickie S-2022 Challenge and First

Mary B-2022 Challenge and First

Stephanie E-First and 2022 Challenge

Amanda S-First Quilt 

Sandy M-2022 Challenge

Jana B-First Quilt

Linda W-2022 Challenge and First

Susan J-First and 2022 Challenge

Cheri W-2022 Challenge and First

Lynn H-First Quilt

Barbara N-First Quilt

Becky M-First Quilt

Becky M-2022 Challenge
Judy P-First Quilt

Wanda F-First Quilt

Jayne G-First quilt

Jayne G-2022 Challenge

Chris B-First quilt

Chris B-2022 Challenge

Pat J-2022 Challenge and First

Cindy K-2022 Challenge

Becky M-First Quilt

Judy M-First Quilt?

Sue M-? 

Anne H-First Quilt and her mom’s First on right

Tameria O’D-First quilt and her Grandmother’s quilt

Laura J-First Quilt and 2022 Challenge

Sue F-First quilt

Allynn B-First quilt and 2022 Challenge 

Laurie F-2022 Challenge and First quilt

Louise C-First quilt

Judy I-First quilt

Kathy S-2022 Challenge and First quilt

Lavonne M-2022 Challenge and First quilt

April S-2022 Challenge

Sally S-First quilt

Becky M-2022 Challenge

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